Saturday , October 16 2021

Ronen or All: Blacks thrive in the most challenging mental circumstances imaginable

Ronen or Gara admits that playing all the blacks over the years was like facing monsters with four legs and four arms.

The Irish legend, which has now been praised for its training experience on the crusaders, lost to New Zealand every 13 times it played


In his column on Friday's Irish researcher, Ronen O'Gara says that while all blacks are allowed to lose a game, "they rarely do so."

But in his insight column for Friday's edition of Spriener Sport, he explains how the dynamics of the Ireland-New Zealand clashes have changed, even if all blacks are still the test of the game.

He writes: "Do not feel so bad even for Hansen's blackness.They are not so nice There is no level on this level, let's start straight In order to be so good, you have to be absolutely cruel, And your mindset should be the same. "

Gara says the pressure on Steve Hansen and his players is merciless, yet the coach and the players remain an oasis of peace.

"It's not bad to get some respect for what New Zealand continue to do year by year, they are allowed to lose the game, even though they are

Only rarely.

They win consistently, sometimes in the most challenging mental circumstances imaginable, in arenas in different parts of the world that specialize in raising terrible cruelty.

"Every single test game they play against resistance to play 20% over themselves because it's all black in the other corner.

"They must be tired from a mini-World Cup game, because that's what the opposition make every test.

"Put yourself in the shoes of Bauden Barrett, or Dan Carter before him, or Kieran Reed or Sam Whitlock, it's a fair challenge to be immersed in it all and go up to it every time."

Do not miss the full column of O'Gara in Examiner Sport's book on Friday

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