Thursday , October 21 2021

Super Rugby: Tana Omega deserves acclaim for allowing Leon MacDonald to take over the blues



The appointment of Leon MacDonald as chief coach of the Blues for the next three years makes sense at almost every level.

It is also evidence of Tana Omega's ability to put the group and the franchise before itself.

It is not negotiable for professional sports teams, and here is the live it. For this, the former coach and now the new defense coach should give a lot of respect and praise.

Obviously, this year's post-season review of the players was not too accommodating to him.

This was his third season in winning under performance and he was in a strange position of his contract as a head coach extended for one year knowing that anything less space playoffs next year would see him dismissed and that his replacement would have been either MacDonald or the chief assistant coach of Blues, Tom Coventry, both of whom are appointed for the next three years.

Omega probably took some heat from the players and clearly, he recognized that he deserved to come to a similar decision.

If he did not leave the franchise, the alternative – that he remained miserable in the download – was impossible.

If Alma Jeremiah has proved something this year in turning Oakland into a 10 Cup triumphant prime minister, you can direct the teams quickly if everyone buys into it and if there is the appropriate training group that leads it.

Significantly, Irmaia's assistant for defense, Sir Graham Henry, had a great influence.

The Blues, who have not made the Super Rugby playoffs since 2011, need a similar rescue mission, and McDonald and Coventry have a three-year mandate to make the necessary changes.

Tana Omega has to stand as a head coach for Blues. Image /
Tana Omega has to stand as a head coach for Blues. Image /

Umaga signed for two years.

Omega had three years and it did not work. Blues recently finished at a New Zealand conference every season under his tenure, but maybe he was a bit lucky that his aides Steve G. Jackson to Rogge. They were relatively inexperienced.

The double act of McDonald-Coventry, with Omega Assistant, seems to be a much higher-powered set.

"After the end of the season review I signaled that my passion lies with my new responsibilities as a security coach and I believe that I can make the greatest contribution and difference in the blues," said Umaga.

"I support the decision to appoint Leon and I believe that the coaching team of Leon, Tom and I is the best we could get in the Blues for the 2019 season and beyond."

Of course, McDonald and Coventry had made changes.

Attention to detail is probably much improved and if this is the case then they have started on the right foot.

"I'm very motivated to help with the vision of blues for success," said MacDonald, a former All Blackback fullback who impressed during his season last year with the Crusaders as assistant to Scott Robertson.

"I decided to switch to blues to work with Tana and Tom Coventry, and nothing changed in that respect.

"This opportunity has grown and I am honored to be considered for the role, I will give him the heart and soul, I also spoke with Tana and Tom, and both are very supportive and very committed to our integration and desire to continue to move the club forward."

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