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Susannah Reed rips off the screenplay of Pierce Morgan when he bursts out on International Men's Day


Susannah Reed ripped the screenplay of Pierce Morgan while he moaned for not receiving enough attention on International Men's Day.

The complainant of the long suffering, who complains about Pierce's talk about feminism and other issues he does not know about, took him on a mission when he did not stop screwing on the rights of men.

Pierce said to the camera: "Today's Happy International Day, by the way, we need one day, we are now the world's most depressed people, especially middle-class white men like me, we are an endangered species like rhinos.

"On International Men's Day, talented men, stay strong under attack, do not worry, it's okay to be a man, it's not illegal, but in the end it will be illegal and the women will get what they really want, no men at all, That, "he whined.

"And then everyone will fall, and that will be it, the end of the world, but hey, that's a big thing, is not it?

Susannah held papers on Pierce's desk

She started to tear them up and throw them at him

"This morning I'm disappointed, on International Men's Day I thought I was getting a warm welcome," he said before presenting a segment of the President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, being greeted by women throwing petals at his feet on a red carpet.

When the camera returned to the studio, Susannah grabbed a stack of papers on Pierce's desk and tore them in front of him while her partner giggled.

"Is that what you are?" She shouted as the parts were thrown across his face. "On International Men's Day?"

Susanna had no time for Pierce's nonsense

"I want a little, yes," he said.

She is still tearing up the paper and throwing it away, and Susannah replied: "Yes, it makes you feel better, strengthened your fragile ego and your sense of risk?

"It would be nice if women went back to loving men for a day, and in fact respect men for one day …" Pierce said firmly.

"We're all like men, do not worry," sighed Susannah.

Susannah was the last word

Refused to give her a chance to speak, Piers continued: "Do not yell at virulent masculinity and radical feminism, if you just said, 'People, thank you, thank you for being men' .

"The next day, stop screaming at some awful men and just be nice to us," he added.

But Susannah had the last word and put it down, saying, "Oh, one day, hell, stop yelling about how much you're in danger and how one day it would be illegal to be a man.

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