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The American artist buys Banksy's painting and then vows to arrange it


An American artist paid $ 730,000 (£ 561,000)
An American artist paid $ 730,000 (£ 561,000) for painted Banksy pieces on the north London side of Fonndale (sales by the US and the Palestinian Authority)

An American artist paid $ 730,000 (£ 561,000) for Banksy's painted works on the side of Fawnland in North London – then promised to arrange it.

A slave labor paints a young boy on his knees next to a sewing machine, producing a thread of Union Cup.

It was painted on the side of a bargain store at Wood Green in 2012 and is believed to be a protest against the sweaty used to make souvenirs for the London Olympics.

This is a blow to street art. It should not be bought and sold

The work worked and sold by the sales of Julian in Los Angeles; Les on Wednesday and was acquired by the American artist Ron English, who discovered he was planning to whitewash him in protest against street art being bought and sold.

He told the Press Association: "My idea for this painting is to arrange it for my good friend Banksy, I wish I could spend more money for it.

"I'll paint it again for white, I'm done, it's a blow to street art, it should not be bought and sold.

"I'm going to draw on it and just put it in one of the walls in my house, we're tired of people stealing our stuff from the streets and re-selling it, so I'm just going to buy everything I can put on my hands to fix it."

Ron Englishman is a talented American street artist (Yui Mok / PA)

The painting was sold for 600,000 US dollars plus premium buyers, bringing the total of 730,000 dollars, Darren & Lian, of sales of the said Lin.

In English, who said he spent time in Israel with Banksy, he added: "Then of course, I'll sell the painting to a million dollars, I'm crazy, but I'm not stupid."

In October, a piece of Banksy that was sold in London partially partially demolished after the hammer dropped.

A girl with a balloon, one of the most famous works by the well-known artist, sold for £ 1.04 million before the fabric went through a crusher installed in the frame.

The buyer later confirmed that they were passing the sale.

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