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The United Musical Theater was founded to increase funding and diversity in the West End


14 November 18 | Entertainment News

Cooperation of leading conservatories will seek to promote training and financial support for specialized art.

The Alliance of Arts was created to raise the profile and funding of musical theater in the UK, making the West End more diverse.

Five of the leading conservatories in the UK have united to form the United States of Conservatories for Musical Theater (AMTC), which aims to represent musical theater as a special artistic form.

Graduates of institutions that nurture British musical talent have called for better funding of their artistic form, which they claim makes a significant contribution to the economy.

The New Testament is created from ArtsAd, Bird College, GSA, Mountview and the Urdang Academy, seeking to improve recognition and funding for musical theater.

AMTC institutions will seek to provide a network, training, push to increase diversity on stage and behind the scenes.

Olivier's award-winning Hamilton Star in the West End, Giles Terera, has supported new body intent to increase diversity.

He said: "Raising awareness of diversity within a musical theater is vital to the future of the industry.

"I am pleased that the AMTC will be an important forum for raising the diversity profile in this amazing art form."

New Testament executives also said: "Arts and culture contribute 27 billion pounds to the UK economy – the West End Theater represents a significant component of this. The musical theater is a significant export. "

The award-winning choreographer, Steven Mir, supported the joint project and supported the push for additional funding for a musical theater.

He said: "I am very proud to be president of one of the top five colleges.

"This collaboration is important and will help ensure the future of good vocational training in musical theater, ensuring that it is available to a wide range of students and we hope that this development will help ensure that the sector is more adequately funded."

A series of high-profile events with famous faces from the 2019 musical theater world, and the industry team is set to share their concerns and offer solutions to problems in the West End world.

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