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X-Cork, Ian Turner, said he was lucky to be alive after a poisoning incident


X-Cork City Ian Turner said he was lucky to be alive after poisoning a tragedy.

In January 2011, with a pre-season for Cork City just around the corner, for 20 years old then he was overwhelmed by the hard training that was involved with getting ready.

Turner decided to take his girlfriend for a weekend break at the Trident Hotel in Kinsale with their friends.

When they reached the hotel they decided to start their weekend with a few drinks in their room.

While they were getting ready, his girlfriend was in the bathroom doing her makeup when she began to feel bad.

She decided to rest a little in the hope that it would make her feel better, but instead, things had changed.

"She lingered a bit on the bed but came back again," Turner recalled The Irishman.

"Our friends who were with us entered.

"She was half outside and half awake and then just started to scream.

"We hugged her, we did not know what was happening.

"She stopped screaming and was fine, but after a few minutes she came back from her.

"When she woke up, she did not know where she was.

"We knew it was something bad so we called the ambulance.

Photo: David Maher / Sports

"They arrived just as she approached, examined her, gave her aspirin and said she was okay."

After the ambulance left, Turner also began to feel dizzy, but he put her on the shock of what had happened.

They tried to get ready again, but they felt too bad and therefore decided to stay and sleep it.

While the paramedics gave his company every turner obviously felt as if something was wrong.

Just before they went to bed he decided to call Southwick, a medical service outside Cork and Kerry.

He explained everything that had happened and they said they were coming to the hotel.

"The next thing I remember was hearing someone knock on the door, about midnight.

"When I woke up I lay on the floor covered with patients, my legs did not work.

"I crawled to the door and opened it, and the doctor and the guards were there, they went into the room.

"It was a little blurry then, but I remember getting to the bathroom and trying to throw water over my face and thought I needed to recover.

"Our friends also returned and they filled us with the gaps.

"The guards searched our room because they thought we had taken drugs.

"I fainted again in the bathroom and the next thing I remember is that I have a guard with one arm around me and a medic also holding me and carrying me outside the hotel.

"They put my company on the stretcher and took it out as well.

"We started walking around when we went outside.

"The paramedic continued to ask us what we had taken, they just assumed we were young on drugs.

"They brought us to the University Hospital of Cork University, they gave her a lumbar puncture and a brain scan, but they could not figure out what was wrong with her and so they held her.

"They put me on a drizzle and then around 6.0 in the morning sent me home."

At this point, Cork was not fully aware of the tragedy at the hotel.

Patricia Raidie-Russell and Maryam Reedy, who also stayed at the hotel, began showing similar symptoms to the young couple.

Photo: David Maher / Sports

They also visited the doctor but they were treated for the winter to vomit bugs and stayed at the hotel for the night.

The next morning they found friends.

Patricia was unconscious, but was saved by paramedics, but Miriam did not survive.

She died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

When the news broke out Turner was called by the hospital and asked to go back inside.

It was clear that the couple had also been poisoned by the gas, but that was his call to the doctor who had saved their lives.

They were treated at the hospital a few days before they were released.

"It's still hard to understand that, to this day I do not know why I called SouthDoc that night.

"The ambulance has already disappeared, so I do not know why I called them.

"At the time we did not realize how crazy it was … It's important for me to tell my story so people can be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

"I carry a detector with me always, I even have a bag on my bag in training."

It was discovered in the months and years that followed that gas leaked gas that caused gas to flow into the rooms.

In 2014, a Davis plumber was found found guilty of manslaughter of Miriam Reedy.

A few weeks after the incident, Turner returned to training with Cork City.

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