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8 famous women who had no idea of ​​the army


While there are many respected male celebrities who served, less focus seems to be on women – both today's and throughout history – who fought for their countries.

"The Golden Girl" Bea Arthur was the first sergeant of the Marines, and Gal Gadot served in the IDF for two years, which actually led to the big break in Hollywood.

Continue to scroll to see other famous women who have served – and learn how it helped them succeed in the long run.

Gal Gadot served in the IDF for two years.

After Gal Gadot was named Miss Israel in 2004, and before becoming a Wanderman in 2017, she served two years in the IDF, where she worked as a "physical fitness specialist" and taught things like exercise and Kleistnix to soldiers.

Gadot credits her big breakthrough in the world of acting for her military service, claiming that Justin Lynn, the director of The Fast and Furious 6, cast her on the role of Giselle because she was impressed by her military background, and "Her knowledge about weapons."

"The Golden Girl" Bea Arthur was one of the first women members of the Marine Corps of the Marine Corps.

Before she was Dorothy Zbornak on "The Golden Girls", the award-winning actress Amy Arthur was a Marine.

Arthur joined the women's reserve when she was only 21 years old, first as a typist and truck driver. She made her way to the first sergeant and was liberated in 1945.

According to the Daily Beast, official documents show that Arthur's inspectors thought she was a "mediator" – not far from her daring personality, known in both the Golden Girls and the Mod.

Harriet Tobman was the leader of the military and spy unions in the Civil War.

Queen Elizabeth was an army truck driver during World War II.

Queen Elizabeth was only 18 when her father, King George VI, pleaded for help during World War II.

She joined the auxiliary territorial service for women in England that year, and was known as the "second sub-singer Elizabeth Windsor." During her service, the young queen transferred military trucks and trained as a mechanic – which made her until the day of the royal family's entry into the armed forces.

NASA's Eileen Collins was one of the first pilots in the Air Force – and in space.

Eileen Collins broke several barriers during her career: Not only was she NASA's first commander, at the age of 23, she became the first Air Force instructor.

She joined the Air Force in 1978 and became one of the first four women to undergo pilot training at Vance Benead Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

It was clear that we were living in a fish – everyone knew who we were, our personal business, our test scores and our flight performance, and my philosophy was to be the best pilot I could be " .

Her military training led her directly to the Test Squadron School, where she "knew" she would continue to be the first space shuttle pilot – and managed to do so.

Actress Zolai Hanau has served in the US Army for three years.

The Colombian-American actress Zulai Hanau appeared in the exhibition "Women of the Army," but few know she herself served in the US Army before becoming an actress.

After graduating from high school, Neo enlisted and after three years of service continued to register at the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. She recently spoke with the paparazzi about her time in the army and said: "I would not do what I do, and I would not have the perspective I would have on the world, if it were not for the army.

"Foreign Stuff" Actress Jennifer Marshall has served in the US Navy for five years.

Before Jennifer Marshall scored the role of Susan Hargrove on Netflix's hit show "Strange Things", she served in the Navy of the United States from age 17 to 22.

According to Marshall's Web site, she served as a forklift, aircraft handler and logistics specialist, and also worked on the USS Theodore Roosevelt (SAVI) Sexual Abuse Program.

Marshall was awarded great honor and medals for her time in the Navy. Now, in addition to the game, it works with Pin-Ups for veterinarians – a non-profit organization that helps veterans of the hospital deploy forces.

Radio show show host Robin Quivers was the captain of the Air Force.

Robin Quivers has co-hosted "Howard Stern Show" for 30 years, but before that she served as a captain in the US Air Force.

The docks received her nursing degree from the University of Maryland and used it to join the army as a "second lieutenant" after college. She quickly climbed the ranks, and when she was released in 1978 her official title was "Captain".

According to, she served as a reserve in the Air Force until 1990, and then she filled her career career on the radio. But Howard Stern hired her for his performance in 1981, which means that the tremors – though "inactive" – ​​were still a technical servant while she was in the air.


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