Monday , October 25 2021

ICR renewed investigation into the murder of singer Igor Telkov


The parallel petition was filed by the widow of the artist, who was recognized as a victim.

In St. Petersburg, investigators investigated the murder of singer Igor Talkov in 1991. This was asked by the widow of the artist, who was recognized as a victim, since Takov's mother had already died, the press service of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel reports.

Former concert director Valery Schleifman, who was charged with the murder of Telkov, left for Israel in January 1992. The investigation was suspended on March 19, 1993.

Tokov was shot on October 6, 1991, near the dressing room Yubileiny Sport Palace in St. Petersburg. There are several versions of what happened. According to one of them, the singer participated in the struggle between his guards, Shifman and another singer, Aziza. The artists, on the face of it, could not agree on who would go on stage first. In addition, there are those who believe in the murder of the contract because of the political context of his work.

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