Saturday , October 23 2021

Palestinians Patrell Williams on the performance of the IDF


Farrell Williams. Photo: Reuters

Singer Farrell Williams was bombarded with angry social messages after appearing at a performance of the Israel Defense Forces.

Williams joined the stars, including Ashton Kutcher, Rarard Butler, Andy Garcia and Siggy Marley in the Gala Friends Circle in the West, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California earlier this month.

The participants raised about $ 60 million for IDF soldiers, families of veteran Israeli service personnel who were injured and veterans.

At the same event, Williams performed his hit number "Happy" and delivered a speech calling for an end to the fighting and remembered the victims of last month's attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but his presence provoked outrage among activists opposed to IDF actions in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"Dear Farrell, you contributed $ 60 million to a despicable army that killed hundreds of thousands of my people," wrote one Palestinian campaigner on Twitter.

Others accused him of hypocrisy, as he tried to prohibit US President Donald Trump from playing "happy" at the rallies, and the tweet responses published on Monday, November 12, contained a load of offensive messages.

The Israeli-American hip-hop producer, Fredorak, also attacked the 45-year-old singer and quoted: "My friend Farrell committed to the IDF that he murdered 252 Palestinians (49 children) this year in protest of their rights against the occupation. Sing "happy" to them … what a shame. "

Ahmed Abu Artama, a writer and activist who led protests in Gaza in the occupied territories, told the Middle East website that the celebrants were "blood on their hands" for raising funds for the IDF.

Stars including Lord and Anna del Rey have previously performed in Israel following pressure from activists.

The tensions in the region are as high as this week (ending on November 18). Hamas militants bombed the Jewish state with rockets and caused Israeli officials to respond to targeted attacks.


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