Monday , October 3 2022

Punjab reports 459 new dengue cases


File image of the dengue ward at a public hospital in Pakistan.  Photo: Online
File image of the dengue ward at a public hospital in Pakistan. Photo: Online
  • Another patient suffering from dengue succumbed to Ralphindy disease.
  • 64 new cases were reported overnight from the city.
  • Over 450 new cases of dengue virus appear throughout the Punjab, with Lahore being the most affected.

Lahore: As dengue continues to wreak havoc in the country, 459 cases were reported overnight in the Punjab, 335 of them from Lahore, the primary and secondary health ministry secretary, Imran Sikander Baloch, said on Sunday.

The outbreak in Islamabad and the Pekhtunkha compound also intensified.

In a press release, Bloch said 64 cases had been reported from Rawalpindi, eight from Matuk, six from Khanwal and five from Gujarat.

Similarly, four dengue patients have been reported in Faisalbad, Musafargarh, Okura and Sahiwal each, three cases from Hefizbad and Sheikhupura and two from Tsakwal.

So far this year, 6,727 dengue cases have been reported across the province, while 4,874 dengue cases have been reported in Lahore.

Meanwhile, another patient suffering from dengue succumbed to the disease in Ralphindy on Sunday, bringing the number of deaths from dengue to 19 so far.

A total of 1,745 patients were hospitalized across Punjab, of whom 799 were hospitalized in Lahore and 946 in hospitals in other cities in the province, he added.

Regarding the availability of beds, the health secretary said that 3,644 beds are currently being allocated to dengue patients in hospitals across the Punjab.

On Saturday, the Special Health Department allocated an additional 403 dengue beds in all Lahore teaching hospitals and an additional 246 dengue beds in other hospitals to teach in the Punjab, bringing the amount to 1,506.

A total of 1,745 patients were treated in dengue-assigned beds in the Punjab while 799 beds are currently populated by dengue patients in Lahore.

During the last 24 hours, 430,870 indoor locations throughout the Punjab were inspected while 95,303 outdoor locations were inspected, while the larvae were destroyed from 2,250 locations.

In Lahore, 76,113 indoor spaces were inspected for dengue larvae, 10,412 outdoor spaces were inspected and 1,563 positive containers were destroyed, he added.

34 killed when dengue cases in Pakistan exceed 15,000

As of October 13, Pakistan had recorded 15,719 cases of dengue fever and 34 deaths, according to official data.

With the Punjab proving to be the most affected province, 231 dengue patients were enrolled by October 13, 39 of them from Roelfindi.

Of all the cases, recorded up to the above date, the majority, 5,382, were recorded in the Punjab, according to the data provided to By the Federal Ministry of Health.

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