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Review COLLPLANT HOLDI / S (CLGN) & its competitors


COLLPLANT HOLDI / S (NASDAQ: CLGN) is one of 28 public companies in the "Surgical Equipment" industry, but how does it compare to its competitors? We will compare COLLPLANT HOLDI / S to related companies based on profit strength, institutional cost, analyst recommendations, profitability, risk, dividends and valuation.

Analyst Recommendations

This is a summary of current ratings and target prices for COLLPLANT HOLDI / S and its opponents, as provided by MarketBeat.

Sell ​​ratings Hold ratings Buy ratings Strong buying ratings Rating rating
Child Collplant 0 0 0 0 N / A
COLLPLANT HOLDI / S competitors 177 827 1457 73 2.56

As a group, "surgical products and equipment" companies have a reverse potential of 21.48%. Given the declines of COLLPLANT HOLDI / S, analysts may clearly believe that COLLPLANT HOLDI / S has better growth aspects than competitors.


This table compares the COLLPLANT HOLDI / S and the net spreads of competitors, the return on capital and the return on assets.

Net margins Return on equity Return on assets
Child Collplant -552.97% -80.17% -41.81%
COLLPLANT HOLDI / S competitors -141.26% -197.96% -23.11%

Institutional and internal ownership

57.9% of the shares of all the companies "Equipment and analysis tools" are held by institutional investors. 10.3% of the shares of all the "surgical and electrical products" companies are held by internal entities. Strong institutional ownership indicates that large fund managers, hedge funds and endowments believe the company is on the verge of long-term growth.

gain and loss

This table compares COLLPLANT HOLDI / S and its revenue from earnings, earnings per share, and valuation.

Gross income Net income Price / Earnings Ratio
Child Collplant $ 480,000.00 – $ 62 million -2.33
COLLPLANT HOLDI / S competitors $ 1.33 billion $ 201.40 million 20.72

The rivalry of COLLPLANT HOLDI / S has higher revenues and revenues than COLLPLANT HOLDI / S. COLLPLANT HOLDI / S trades at a lower price relative to profits than its competitors, which shows that it is now cheaper than other companies in its industry.



Company Profile

Colplant Holdings Ltd., a regenerative medicine company, focuses on the development and commercialization of tissue repair products for 2D and 3D tissue and organ printing, biologists, and advanced wound care markets in the United States, Canada and Europe. Human collagen (rhCollagen) produced with its proprietary plant is based on genetic engineering technology and includes Vergenix STR, a soft tissue repair matrix designed to treat tumors, and Vergenix FG, which can be wound-filled to treat wounds and deep surgical wounds, including diabetic ulcers, Venous ulcers, burns, pressure sores and other chronic wounds; and BioInks For 3D printing of tissues and organs Kolplant Holdings Ltd. and its head offices in Ness Ziona, Israel.

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