Sunday , June 26 2022

Chinese tomatoes, another scam found by hypocrites. The real risks to tomato sauce


After the fraud of 200 tons of tomatoes seized alternative guarantee, now we return to talk about the Chinese tomatoes derived from the fraud, but also the health hazards. And the truth is obvious.

So what is called a Chinese tomato chicken in Italy? Is this a hoax or a truth? The service that was shot by her Iene transmission, signed by Nadia Toffa, is TV manipulation? A good point of reference to self-focus on this question is the book by Rousseau Marco, the international poll on tomato that concludes with a plate in which the young anti-Batiste Malt tells what happens to the imported product. The push came from the television survey, which states that Italy imports a very large amount of low quality tomato concentrate with a quantity of pesticides and pesticides beyond the permitted limits.

Chinese tomatoes: buffalo or reality?

Opponents hastened to note that in the last five years the European system quickly alerted only two cases out of 18,000 irregularities, attributed to the so-called Chinese tomato scam. Such a small number would ask all the certainty about alleged fraud. And the same skeptics about the existence of this scam invite you to read the red book marcio on the history of the Chinese tomato imported fish to Italy. At this point, they claim, would immediately understand the stretch. The point is: the author condemns the forms of exploiting the work and Caporalato, but does not report the presence of some Chinese tomato paste in Italian products.

How Chinese Tomatoes Made With Italian Machines

Story production of concentrated tomato barrels are most detailed: in the factory, large machines make the tomatoes. Peel and seeds are removed, the tomatoes are heated and chopped. So – says the author – the water they contain is disposed of with industrial evaporation process. When the water is produced, the concentration is packed in a sterilized container to facilitate transportation over long distances. This step allows concentration to be exported to Europe, America, Africa and Asia. At the end of the production line, a worker puts blue metal barrels in groups of four on pallets: at this stage they are delivered by conveyor belt to the gas station.

So it happens that the employee checks them, and then continues to fill them. The system inside each of them has an aseptic bag and fixed the ring nut of the filling machine on its plastic neck. Then he smashes an order and looks at the screen. The machines come from Italy. Within a few dozen seconds, the 220-liter bag is filled with the center of triple tomatoes, swells and fits the shape of the metal shell. Industrial tomato contains 5 to 6% of dry matter against 94 or 95% of water. As noted in the introduction of the text, the real interest is not to tell the story of a box of tomato paste. The book brings to light the gears of the type of capitalism that fell in the short-term profit race at the expense of quality, safety, environment, fundamental rights and freedoms.

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