Thursday , October 6 2022

Doing the missed for 5 years and discovery did not come across tumors / wrong diagnosis: that's what he was


In order to 5 very long years He believed so Patient growth, Moreover, a rare form, and for this reason it has undergone heavy cycles of Chemotherapy. All to discover, at the end of an unimaginable human experience, that his problem was not related cancer, But to an episode of negligence that (fortunately) had no growth. This is the amazing story of James Salaz, Originally from Adam Montrose, In the US, which since 2012, believed to be suffering from cancer due to a doctor who interpreted the high number of incorrect white blood cells.James's true pathology was indeed And scolitis, Inflammation of blood vessels is much less serious than cancer and treatment undoubtedly does not require chemotherapy. Too bad we can not say this – and leaving aside the psychological damage of life for 5 years with the sword of Damocles rests on the head – because all this good it ends well. In fact, due to chemotherapy has developed a strong pancreas, now chronic.

CHEMIO 5 years and found not to increase: wrong diagnosis

But how could that have been possible James Salaz One was diagnosed Accidental growth for 5 years Under a very heavy regime Chemotherapy? It all started after one Lung control: Found some irregularities, it was decided to proceed biopsy And from this test we came to a diagnosis of cancer. As reported by Daily Mail, To make sure the man is convinced he has a tumor that does not recede, and also that the number of white blood cells remains very high, less the treatments that have passed. Everything lasts 5 years, between cycles of Chemotherapy, Biopsies, and tests of all kinds until James approached another doctor who told him that in reality he had never had cancer. His real illness, vasculitis, caused pneumonia, but not to the cancerous masses. The paradox is that this pathology, if taken in time, can be fully treated: James is now in a series of in-depth tests to see whether the fact that she has not treated him for five long years has damaged other organs or not.

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