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Elisa Isoardi, terrified by a mad crazy sixty-year-old


The final chapter is Tuesday, November 6, 2018. In Rome, at the headquarters of the precious mirror in Via Ettore Romagnoli, where chapters of the The test of the massacre, A very suspicious package is delivered by hand. This is addressed to Elisa Isoardi. In the warning, RAI security guards pass the envelope under the metal detector: the alarm is activated immediately and immediately after the request for intervention to the police specializing in explosives. But when the bombs arrive, and they open the package, they find another kind of bomb, of those who do not kill materially, but can blow up the nerves: ring. More precisely, a belief of great economic value, signed by an Italian designer known throughout the world, is accompanied by a note with a sentence that leaves no room for doubt. The sender of the launcher, Stalker, is actually convinced that he is a legitimate companion of Isawardi.

However, the television presenter, who knows the generality of this man, has never visited him and never wanted to see him. Instead, the stalker, to meet her, is placed in front of the places occurring by De's new face The test of the massacre. Also, after a real ambush, October 4, 2018. What happened can be read below, which is what arises from the lawsuit in a deep lawsuit people And expected by the newspaper The truth By Mauricio Bellpitro, who Elisa presented to the police station of Forte Pia Police, in Rome, on 5 November 2018. Only a day before an episode of the ring occurred. "I was in Naples, in the Elisabeth Fransi store, which supplies me with clothes," the host reports, as the man "came in and said he was my partner and said he was there to buy some gifts to give me."

The man also tried some feminine clothes, and the clerks took him and gave me the video I gave you. " The attention of the police thus failed to stop the stalker's obsession. Now agents keep it under pressure. people He managed to identify the address of the person in question and met some members of his family. For reasons of privacy, and above all, not to interfere with investigations, we will provide only a few general recommendations. This is a man over sixty, of a distant Calabrian origin, who lives in Naples. A wealthy man who belongs to a distinguished and visible family of the Vesuvius, also known as secrecy and behavior. Unfortunately, black sheep can happen to anyone. Indeed, the relatives of the harasser, aware of everything by the researchers, relate to it people Of wanting to persuade their relatives to "take care of a psychiatrist." Recently, the attacker has become very stressful, crescendo of disturbing actions.

This bad story, however, begins again in 2008, as Elissa revealed in the lawsuit, when "I got system system" One morning To the "Saxa Roberta" of envelopes containing letters full of mathematical and astrological equations that should have shown the need for me and the above truth … (fall out) We started a relationship. "In addition, he added," I received, from the very same subject, very expensive bouquets and gifts of some importance. "Therefore," after changing the editing system of the dear, the man continued to follow me stubbornly "and" increasing the frequency of correspondence. At first I picked up the correspondence and the gifts personally and I saw them too. "But later, Isowardi adds," I'm very upset, I've delegated the editorial staff. "

When they arrived not long ago, on November 2, he also introduced himself at the expensive headquarters in Rome, pretending to enter school. "Of course I denied my consent," continues the host, "and in coordination with the security guards and editors we decided to contact 112." Justifiably, "For security reasons, the guards took me out of a secondary exit and one of them was escorted to the house." Then, he continued, "I was approached by the police," who "understood my anxiety, told me about my faculties, and they invited me to file a lawsuit."

The events therefore underwent a worrisome development. In the first stage, the Jubilee was limited to correspondence, and in recent weeks he went to seek physical contact. Following "what happened in the past few days," she confirms in minutes, "I began to realize that my anxiety was growing very much."

In Alisa Iswardi, so far, there is no evidence of losing solidarity. Precisely at the time, especially for the initiatives of #metoo movement, the attention on abuse and harassment against women is very high. Still, in this case everything is silent.

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