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Francesco Monte between the battle with Elia and the kiss with Julia – Tevezap


On Monday, November 5, it was aired on the eighth direct channel of the 2018 season Big Brother: On the menu also the return to the home of Elia Fugaro after the liquidation, is called to arrange some small things with the former tronista because – in the meantime – it turns out made a serious move with Julia Salemi. Maria Mons

In the episode of Big Brother Broadcasted with normal behavior of Ilary Blassy and Alfonso Signorini, As is often the case, twists were not missing: first is undoubtedly a new elimination system that has taken over the classic Nominations While it was out of the game Maria Mons (Except Alessandro Cecchi Paone). calm down The highlight hall It was the confrontation between Elia Fungaro and Francesco Monte, Who have a rural (almost) battle for white weapons without winners or losers – and still discussing – and then the revelation that only theMonte and Jella and the beautiful Salmi finally kissed. But not only this, much more happened: Julia Provady lost to death hidden in a bathtub full of bullets, the father of Julia Selmi who entered the house, the cries of Stefano Sala and Alessandro Sanchez Fauna. All this and even something more in the air Monday 5 November on Canale 5 from 21.25By the way, during the week he doubles that on Thursday November 8 another special direct of GF VIP.

  • Alexander Wine

    Born in Watford, England on December 28, 1972

    Actress, presenter and model. He made his debut as a voice actress. She became very popular to interpret the Marchesa Lucrzia van Necker Beauville's fiction "Elisa di Rivombrosa" costumes.

  • Ivan Catenio

    Born in Bergamo, March 18, 1953

    Singer, songwriter, singer and painter, is one of the main supporters of the same artistic wave that in the 1970s combined the song with the electronic experiments and the theatrical performance. The great success for him comes with the Italian Graffiati, an album containing zebra with points polka and other old hits that he revisited.

  • Benedetta Mezuzah

    He was born in Parma on November 22, 1989

    A winner and actress, she worked on several television programs. In 2008, he is fourth in "Miss Italy" and leaps into news that he did not accept the jury's proposal to lose a few pounds.

  • Walter Nudo

    Born in Montreal, Canada on June 2, 1970

    Actor and actor, he has participated in numerous television and film programs in Italy and the US He was the winner of the first edition of "Isola de Famosi." Karate Black Belt, former boxer and former driver.

  • Eleonora Gyorgy

    Born in Rome October 21, 1953

    Actress and director have 45 years of success in the theater on the big screen, ranging from cinema to comedies. He won two David di Donatello with "Forget the Venice" and "Borotalco".

  • Lisa Poshko

    Born on November 9, 1978

    Actress, actress and singer. From the top 148 cm he says of himself: "I am the smallest subrettina of the famous world and the split ended badly." He aspires to be the Italian Kylie Minogue.

  • Stefano Sala

    Born in GRAVEDONA (CO) on 28 March 1990

    This is a model and its greatest ambition is to become an actor. He had already acted "The Beauty of Women … A Few Years Later" and made a horror film in Los Angeles, "P.O.E. 4 – The Black Cat". She is "Mamu", she works full-time in Sofia, four, the girl she had with the model of Diane Melo.

  • Julia Salmi

    He was born in Fez on April 1, 1993

    She is a model, a girl of youth and influence. He took part in several television programs. In 2016, the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival was inflamed by wearing an orange dress with two curly grooves that reached the crotch climax.

  • FABIO base

    He was born in Rivoli on October 7, 1994

    Is the gold medal of the Jaguar at 66 kg at the Rio Olympics 2016. While in these preparations of Tokyo 2020, he "lands" in front of Big Brother Red Gate directly from the World Championships in Azerbaijan.

  • Mauricio Batista

    Born in Rome on June 29, 1957

    He is one of the best-known Italian comedians. He defines himself as an "amritic" comedian and his career is divided between theater, television shows and movies.

  • Andrea Maynardi

    Born in Bergamo on 21 July 1983

    He is a chef by vocation. He spent his childhood between ladles and pans, toys that preferred to make cookies. After so much chaos, cooperation with important names in the restaurant, he arrives at the "court" of Gualtiero from the country with whom he works for three years. Be popular by participating in 2012 as a cook and then sworn in "La Prova del Cuoco".

  • Elia Fungaro

    He was born in Arzignano (VI) on June 1, 1991.

    Model and the former Velino of "Striscia la notizia". His career begins with the tracks, he wears to stay in his studies but his greatest ambition is to become an actor

  • "La Donatella", Julia Provadi and Sylvia Provady

    Born in Modena on December 1, 1993

    Singers, conductors and stagels, very different but complementary. They have a unique relationship and call themselves "independent twin sisters". Winners of the tenth edition of "The Famous Island", they took part in various television programs.

  • Enrico Silvestrin

    Was born on May 30, 1972

    Actor, musician, singer, radio speaker and TV presenter. He made his first steps in the entertainment world by setting up his own band, Angie Nage. He made his biggest screen debut in 1992 with Michel Placido and in 1994 became MTV's first Italian MTV. Since 2005, he has devoted himself to play, take part in many debates – including the "police district" – and film for the cinema. Then he returned to his first love, to his music, and today he works as a spokesman and a fisherman.

  • Francesco Monte

    Born in Taranto on 20 May 1988

    Actor, model and influential. Former suitor of "men and women" and former competitor of the "famous island". Known chronicle of his love story with Cecilia Rodriguez, ended last year during the participation of the girl "GF VIP". And the same VIP GF now a new starting point for him.

  • Valerio Marola

    Born in Rome on 15 December 1955

    TV host. TV icon of the 90s, Valerio debuts on TV with "Hawks of the Night" and continues with the most popular programs of the moment. The common cohabitation worries him: "I am an only child, I have never shared my room with anyone"

  • Martina Hamed

    Was born in Sesto San Gannie and Bunny (MI) on 13 January 1994

    For several years she joined Meteo.it's system as a provider of weather forecasts for Mediast Networks.

  • Marsha Daniela of Eragon

    Born in Rome on 15 December 1951

    This is known for television news like "Marquise of Aragon". She holds a bachelor's degree in astrology and is a journalist and a teacher of style. "I like to see the man in his appearance as if I were an anthropologist. I am fascinated by the possibility of being with so many different people, to merge into a group and to understand … to prepare for a dream … Life is a question of style," he says.

Big brother VIP 2018, skip the classic candidates

Alfonso was charged with a thousand:Tonight I will break the packages more than usual!"He starts and we've been as scared as Walter Zenga a few years ago while Antonio Ricci has been there with the key REC Very hot (not to mention Jalapa). Then he throws the message of the Mimi bomb-that now this bomb is no longer, the fifth back, to Francisco Monte: he must finally make the decisive move with Salmi, for in the meantime, hell is freezing toward him. After a short round of pleasantries, comes the first "game" of the episode: Ilari invites the only three contestants ever nominated for a name. they Fabio Basil, Julia Selmi and Benedetta Matza And they are called to choose any other competitor but without Blasi to explain them well, because (and barbatrucco lies in that they actually give immunity to the adherents without knowing it). These three chose Ella Weber, Maria Mons and Alessandro Sanchez Fauna: Obviously, those who chose the VIP who finishes finishing off from the program will then have to change their chosen. Big Brother But he wants to exaggerate, and Belasi adds – without the knowledge of the competitors – that the three people who were selected by me were not called (to finish, among other things Nominations In turn) They'll have to make three more names: These new names are those of those with Fabio, Julia Salemi and Benedetta will continue to run for Nominations.

His older brother 2018, eliminated Maria Monsè

After all I'm a chaos that only repeat it needs a degree (and we do not dare imagine what it is used instead of inventing it) Big Brother Calling the two candidates for comparison, the Monsè and the Cecchi Paone acid. In the master conversation with the two completely sbraca the ex girl of This is not the mirror It begins immediately with the unstoppable river of words (which, however, we understand a bit). "Maria, crying a lot. Unnamed: You're a weeping willow!"Toby Alexander tells her, admiringly mixer the question in a very respectable sense of synthesis.The fuss is pretty quickly settled, and the two invited candidates to the studio to finally find out the verdict.Looking to know who will have to leave the house, Cecchi Paone and Monsè put In front of their big "enemies" – Elia Pongaro and Marquise Del Secco – to listen to their fearsome lectures. "Elias the Beautiful listens to the list of Alexander's sins, which, like a Japanese bonsan who found tranquility in Nirvana, answers with a smile and without saying," I sat down with wine " , A serpentine niche.Then show that Maresa seems able to immediately degenerate into a physical struggle between women but then end up in a scene Of vaudeville in its exhilarating way of seeing Mons doing what he does best (explode in infinity of words) within The Marquis begins to sing Mina, jumping to the audience In a completely meaningless way, to give back to the opponent and drive people in the studio who is beginning to praise him by dipping the competitor by a decibel. At the end of the fair, the television orders leaving the house are only Mary, and the applause of the verdict shows that even the public in the study could not understand more about speeches, accusations and, as Piazza Funona said, crying. And how can you get the news about neo-liquidation? Clearly speaking. explode.

Big Brother 2018, the clash between Francesco Monte and Elia Pongaro

Fortunately, however, Big Brother Manages to silence Mons's unbearable speech and provides an emotional and emotional break for Walter Nudo, who can enjoy a video call with his children: The rocky actor felt himself dissolving in tears During the conversation (but it does not even appear). He wiped the wet wet cheeks of the sculptors Walter, Alexander's first survivor and then came home The unexpected boat, Elia, called to turn with Francesco Monte With one flash comparison which Big Brother He got used to it.

Tarantino "warms up" by confrontation with Jane Alexander and then left in the living room alone to wait for the former velino, with him starting an authentic verbal duel:Have you thought about getting rid of me?"Asks Elia with the appearance of Clint Eastwood ready to fire the trilogy of the dollar.Well, I did not really think about it"Comments with polite shame from a casual passerby interviewed by TG ex-Tronista Pugliese, which means he is not a conversation but two guys who continue to talk to each other without understanding the pipe: Monte follows the accusation of racism to her, however, responds by pulling a story The kiss between women Francesco said he found "lousy." Among the various reports that the two do not save invader Alfonso Signorini, who asks Monte: "Francesco But if you say it would bother you if your woman danced at the tables Then you refer to Julia … Do you consider your woman? " But Elya answers: "It does not seem to us!", Giving voice to what everyone else thinksinfluencer Former participant of Beijing Express.

Upon her departure, Elya more or less understands where the other competitors were made and then welcomes the suffering through the closed door of the cave (And this, you do not want to try the crazy romantic gesture? The authors, on the other hand, do not hear us and the door is closed: no scene breaks the heart, with the great disappointment of Ilari).

Big Brother VIP 2018,

Now the time has come to determine who will risk his appointment: the three barbarians chosen at the beginning as never mentioned – Fabio, Benedetta and Julia Salmi – are called upon to reveal the names they chose at the beginning of the episode. The three chosen ones were finally discovered: Ella Weber, Jane Alexander and Alessandro Schie Fauna And it became known that they themselves would be immune (but will in turn have to choose three others who go to a vote with those who appointed them). Waiting to know who will be six in the ballot box (and then the final three to enter Nominations) Comes a moment of play of the episode, where Donatella challenge each other with Martina Hadi and Ivan Cattaneo: the four must take some shapes and put them in the board with voids just to get them welcomed (huge version of the classic game for very small children, in simple terms). To make the situation more colorful, the light is coming and so there are the game moments of darkness where no one sees anything and enters the room the players are made up by zombies that have been terrified of the Astride Halloween halloween guests. The challenge, consumed by the screams and terror of the mad / mad Donatella (who also snatches the shirt so that Julia is thrown into a tub full of bullets to hide) However, Ivan and Martina Strivenko. The show is without concern and Ulri guides the transition to another episode of the endless novel that Julia Salmi and Francesco Monte write about their unloved love (or so to speak).

Big Brother VIP 2018,

"I do not mind looking like one A loser And I always show what I think, "says Salami, who openly admits his interest in the beautiful mountains in the romantic sense.Cinorini tries to move the endless tango of the two dances, first giving the doorman to the beautiful Julia, and then shooting zero with Francesco , Rebukes him for his treatment of the girl ("Stop these scratches and those caresses if you do not like it, up!" Says the manager. who will). "It's a big misunderstanding and here we can not see the light that makes the situation clearer" is Laurie Del Santo's enlightened final sentence, which closes the question until the bomb is discovered: Julia Salmi and Francesco Monte Monte have kissed him. Immediately after the discovery of glamor, however, it is almost a shadow on it that begins to begin freeze and Mario Selmi, Julia's father, entered the house. But the emotional tension of the moment is less immediate, because the good Signorini, who forgot to turn off the microphone, laughs and exclaims: "Ilari, I think so!" And indeed, Mr. Salmi could have won the competition of Equatoror Alfonso without even committing himself.

The situation, however, returns to a serious artist and Mr. Mario turns directly to his child, making a very touching speech: "Never throw down, find the energy that distinguishes you … I am very proud of you, always! The path you think is best, you're very strong, your little sister, Margherita, is nine months old and looks at you from home. " Tears flowing in the rivers, all moving and Julia exploding, hugging his father and catching him without giving it up. But it was time to go on playing, and Alessandro and Gine had to make each of these new candidates with the three they had never mentioned: of these six people (and three pairs) the three candidates for the elimination would end up on televoting. Anyway, they come from Fabio, Jella and Salemi Benedetta, Respectively: Ivan, Martina and Walter.

Big Brother VIP 2018,

Meanwhile, the transmission continues and it is up to Stefano Sala to live the emotional moment of his climax, in the led room, his daughter Sofia's paintings (called Bobby) are waiting for him and a video dedicated to him by his mother. He cries like a vine, but the solution of the triangle with Benedetta found and the official company, the Ukrainian Dasha, still looks distant and disappears at the end of a paternal indulgence that the beautiful room radiates to her daughter in the form of a waterfall of tears. Then comes the moment when you talk about Walter Nudo's sexuality, abstinence now for a year (Ivan Catenio barbecue, Naked and half alert is preserved), And then we go to congratulate Maria Mons, the evening's elimination, but her moment is lost in the waves of the storm, which releases the irreplaceable packaging again. In the emotional swing that is coming from the GF then the moment Alessandro Cecchi Paone gets more nude and brings out its brighter side but there is not too much time to think about it because it touches the spotlight towards those who risk risk and the table has three pairs: Ivan / Fabio, / Benedetta and Julia S. Martina. All competitors who have not been touched by the magheggi of the evening (ie Andrea, Laurie, Stefano, Francesco and Donatella) must indicate which pair wants to eliminate: the two most voted to go go televoting. No one voted Martina and Jella Salemi who are safe in time On televoting to go to Walter, Benedetta, Ivan and Fabio in echoing against everyone. Waiting for the answers to arrive as early as Thursday, the curtain falling and Ely, removing his heels, disappearing.

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