Monday , May 16 2022

Gas meter, NoiConsumatori ready for class action after Iene. Fraud, you pay more


To protect users from abuse affecting gas meters, NoiConsumatori association is directly involved in the field. He is willing to open a class action to tackle the newly discovered problem of gas meters fraud that triggered avalanches of protests by victims. At the center is the question that it is necessary to pay what is invested and not what is required because in this case the meter works even when it does not consume gas. In short, we can not ignore the concept that we have to pay based on the actual consumption of gas.

NoiConsumatori ready for representative action

Therefore, Neoconsomatore, from the organization's leader, lawyer Angelo Pisani, intends to pursue a class action that will require justice and protection of supply. But what was the last straw? This aspect can be found in circumstances that were recently dismissed in the episode of the famous television program "The Wines" that the fuel meter works equally even in the absence of real consumption, as testified by the gas technician who spoke for a camera.

This means that the total bill comes to include, apparently, even the extra costs, but does not attest to the consumption really. This discrepancy was strongly denounced by the Noiconsumatori Association who is trying to kick a class action lawsuit. The technician interviewed by Haina showed that the gas meter disconnected from the gas network showed that the real consumption had never been recorded. Obviously all this translates to the possibility that there are companies in Italy that invoice collect the monthly bills for gas consumption that are never actually registered, or they are inflated. Therefore it will scam consumers in all respects in case the malfunction of digital meters has been known by companies which then did nothing to solve the problem.

This is where the incredible avalanche of reports and letters comes from all over Italy, including the editing system of "La Iene" and consumer associations. To protect one of these associations, more specifically, NoiConsumatori intends, as declared by the leader, Neapolitan lawyer Zhang Lu Pisani, to create a class action to achieve justice and to stop this illegal practice.

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