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“He has been locked in the house for two years”


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The Neapolitan singer first spoke at Domenica In about his fight against dark evil

Complicated in recent years for Nino D’Angelo. The Neapolitan hedgehog, which became popular in Naples and the rest of Italy in the 1980s, suffered from depression. For the first time she talked about it with Domenica Inn, her friend Mara and paper, In an episode aired on Rai Uno on Sunday, October 17th.

Nino D’Angelo talks to Domenica In about his depression

It was the Venetian presenter who introduced the subject and left the entire audience of Rai Ono stunned:

“He was locked inside the house for two years. He had an existential crisis. I tried to give him a hand, but there was nothing to do.”

Nino D’Angelo then confirmed his struggle against Dark Evil:

“Yes, I knew depression, I was arrested for 4 years. I did not want to do anything anymore “

Why Nino D’Angelo started suffering from depression

The depression reached Nino D’Angelo After the death of the parents, He has always been very attached to him despite his success and popularity. The emergency in Corona did not help and the Neapolitan artist, who has today 64 years old, He found himself in a real tunnel from which he could barely get out.

“Depression does not make you laugh, it does not make you dream. You become idle. It is unexplained if not touched,” Explained Nino D’Angelo, who received the affection and sacrifice of the audience at Domenica In. Today it seems that the musician has managed to solve his health problem: the proximity of His wife Anamaria, She met when she was only fifteen.

Nino D’Angelo admitted that the woman, to whom he has been linked for over forty years, had never left him alone, not even for a second. Nino did not hesitate to define Anmaria as his true blessing of life, a rock. The contribution of The sons of D’Angelo, Vincenzo and Antonio, Who have now grown up but are very close to the famous singer. At the end of the interview Nino D’Angelo sings a song dedicated to a father who is no longer there.

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