Thursday , October 28 2021

How Diabetes Treatment Goes In Italy


"Type 1 diabetes instead," says Piamondi, "has nothing to do with what we eat or how we live, but there is a source of it fault Our own immune system Which identifies and destroys insulin-producing cells like a stranger. Type 1 diabetes affects mainly young people, often in preschool age, there is no strong familiarity and immediately need a INJECTION TREATMENT Of insulin several times a day to survive. "And he notes:" Unfortunately, Type 1 diabetes is currently It can not be prevented.

China, India and the United States with more patients

However Search Take steps forward, the number of pathology in the world today do not let you sleep peacefully. "Essentially," Pimonti says, "the 10 countries with the most absolute number of Patients With diabetes between 20 and 79 years are fine: China, India, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, Egypt, Germany and Pakistan. Estimated deaths In 2017 for diabetes it was 4 million. If we take data only on type 1 diabetes in subjects under the age of 20, it is estimated that there are 1 million 106,000 children and 500 adolescents with 132,600 new cases diagnosed each year; The ranking of the various countries is slightly different: the US, India, Brazil, China, Russia, Algeria, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Germany.

In Italy there are NIS 3.5-4 million

And inside Italy? According to the sources, "We estimate a variable number between 5.5% and 6.4% of the population, that is 3.5-4 million people, to which about one million people with diabetes do not know they have." This is an age-old problem of many cases of diabetics still not understood. Francesco Forllo, Professor of internal medicine at the University of Catania and president Italian Association of DiabetologyExplains: "What is required is to spread the levels and at every opportunityidentikit Of these issues, very often No symptoms. Just by making a simple measurement of Fasting blood sugar In fact, in most cases they have been identified. "

Increased glycemia does not occur events

how? "These are people over the age of 45 over-weight, With an inactive lifestyle and therefore Poor physical activity, And presence in the family (parents, grandparents) of people with diabetes that arise in adulthood. "Cases that are difficult to detect that high blood sugar does not give clear symptoms, for example it does not cause pain. Instead we have to go look for them. Contribution of the General Medicine In this case, too, this is the foundation. "

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