Monday , May 16 2022

"I drank my placenta, a delicious milkshake"


Hilary Duff She is an American singer, actress and stylist. The 31-year-old from Houston became a second-time mother, announcing something shocking and novel by people. The former Disney star actually claimed to have hired his placenta after his birth Violet Banks: "It was delicious, it was the best part since I was 10. At first, I have to tell the truth, I was not really sure, but the theories in favor of the practice convinced me to try it." Duff He then enters specifically to reveal that he decided to drink only some and freeze the rest, in the form of ice cubes, instead of making it encapsulate.

Many believe that eating the attached fetus has beneficial effects for a woman while placenta drinking will not be the best but only digestible. Hillary had wanted to do it six years ago with her son's first pregnancy Luca Cruz But then he decided to put it off. Other women in the entertainment world said they did the same thing as Nicky Reed, Kim and Cortney Kardashian And Katharine Heigl who ate their placenta in tablet form. This practice has been used in the seventies and according to experts it will be healthy for mother and child relationships. In Italy there are no exact rules about placenta: the placenta actually belongs to the mother, so she is free to do what she wants, even for therapeutic purposes.

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