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In Gervinho's goal, English Baselli


Gervinho's exultation on goal 1-0. Ansa

Gervinho's exultation on goal 1-0. Ansa

It's pharma that begins to dream about Europe and what great Turin is missing this afternoon. Aversa takes home the third win of his season, trailing by Gervinho in stunning condition, and breaks with 17 points in a mix of teams to fight for the Europa League. Stamp Jam right on the most beautiful: Mazzarri's team does not pass the matriculation exam after the blitz at Sampdoria's house. And it shows a clear step backwards on the level of the game.

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In the evening, the great nightmare of Mazzarri focused on the risk of relaxation of this Taurus after an exciting Ferrari victory against Sampdoria. And the signs that the technician's fears were not entirely unfounded come a few minutes after the whistle: a hundred and eighty seconds, and he's already hitting the Rabbinio (and not a little) of his own. It takes about ten minutes to realize that Fermat holds the field, while Bull is too merciful to be true: a photo of the far (and faded) of the aggressive and pro-active team appears against Fiorentina and Sampdoria. This relaxation is difficult to say, but certainly from the bull has a clear deficit of access. D'Abresa paints a neat Parma, surprising everyone with the location of Schiattarella in the field, with Barill and Grassy on the side, attentive at all stages. Accurate and precise: At first, Pharma took advantage of Taurus in a clear identity crisis and managed almost everything.

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He spoke yesterday "mentally" Mazzarri in a game show. And perhaps even from the mess that after nine minutes Izzo and Nkoulou realize that they certainly are not the author's who searched for the technical pomegranate: two defenders sign an omelet from "Gollonzo", for Gervinho carrying post Sirigu from two stages (his fourth goal in the series A & ; Going below, Taurus does not shake: Baselli tries with the left (at 19), but the conclusion is bad and ends worse. A minute later there is a touch of the shoulder of the cross in Brill's cross: Judge Massa sees the Bauer episode from the field and rightly does not assign the punishment. But the bull's afternoon nightmare lasts, and you reach 25 when the doubling of the Emilians falls: Gagliolo in the race produces the perfect English aid, the acrobatic maneuver, Ibrahimovic, the striker for applause: it's worth 0 – 2 and the His third goal in the league. In half an hour, even, you need an excellent baroque to prevent Biabiani instead of the trio: Toro has not arrived, the parents of Parma at Granada and Torino.

Chapters can alter the inertia of the breed: it happens with the razor of Baselli, the history of 37, where he fixes melee in the area. With the game, the Taurus falls into the game and hence the interval you see another team: almost equal with De Silostri (42) and calls for the expulsion of Gagliolo a minute later when De Silvestri land was launched at the door at the edge of the area (but outside ). The net offense, for Massa in place there is nothing: n punishment, n disciplinary sanction. Even after reviewing the images on television, confirmed the feeling of the field: the phallus was there, to assess whether there was a clear opportunity to inherit.

After returning from the locker room, Mazari is played after two minutes of the Zaza (for Djidji) and 13th, and Bregnier (Soriano) who went on the Super 4-4. Taurus puts us closer, Fermat protects herself by giving a little (9) on an attack against an opportunity that can close the accounts: Gervinho begins an open field on the mistake of linking Belotti, but the English cross. The equation so many attackers more opportunities is not suitable for this bull, dangerous only with two head shots (Baluti and Zaza). Also assisted in the registrations of Gazzola, Ceravolo and Deiola, Parma puts the benefit in the safe. Rincon gets a warning (he was suspicious, would be disqualified), and eventually even Parigini. The Touro has closed five times ahead, but Parma still has two chances behind the recovery, both with Gagliolo: and Sirigu prevents passive from being heavy.

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