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In Rome – Case Orlandi, other human remains were found in the Apostolic Death of Italy


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Rome – New tests inside the home of the Apostolic Nostalgia therapist in Rome. The researchers, according to what had leaked, they would find Other human remains.

The researchers, based on what he learned, found during the test Part of skull and jaw. The early action related to the fact that the skeleton found a few days ago lacked the lower limbs and then the investigators ordered the new investigations at the headquarters of the Apostolic Vicariate of Via Po.

The remains are added to those that have already been discovered and can assist in the identification work. Remains can be of a woman between 25 and 35 years old: This is what Bunny Arkoudi, director of legal medicine at the University of Vargeta, says, participates as an expert appointed by the Vatican for the operations that began yesterday. "At the moment I can not confirm age or sex before the results of laboratory tests – explains Arkady – but the first impression, based on the examination of some bone structures is that the woman's bones around thirty years, not a teenager.

Some of the bones found, now sent to DNA testing laboratories, belong Emanuela Orlandi? To be sure, we'll have to wait again, maybe even less than a week. But from the first examinations of the scientific police, a new element has developed: the bones will not be in bad shape, so the DNA matrix can be extracted and compared to that of the Emanuele Orlandi and Mirla Gregory. The girl disappeared in Rome in 1983 and never found again.

According to Arcudi"At first glance, the remains do not seem too humiliated, even if they were buried in moist soil, but we will know for sure only after I have cleaned the bones."

Complex tests: "Now we need to clean, catalog and restore the bones, depending on the state of preservation, we can make assumptions about when they were buried, age, gender and height of the victim." And really from Cleaning the debris The technicians left all afternoon to work on rebuilding the skeleton. A work that has not yet been completed, and that, as far as possible, Does not allow you to confirm that she is a woman. What would seem clearer after first treatment of the bones was that the fractures found under the presidential floor would belong at least Two separate people: The bones recovered at a different point from where the "almost complete" skeleton is located. Only tests for bone dating can solve doubts, and also indicate whether they belong to one or more people.

After the medical examination, sure tomorrow, we'll passExtraction and comparison of DNA. Emmanuelle Orlandi's relatives want to clarify: «We want to understand who created the first story with my sister's story – said the brother – also on this we are waiting for the answers of researchers.

Meanwhile, the hypothesis that the recovered remains may be those of the therapist's wife who lived in this house in the sixties. To support the hypothesis, there were talk of frequent quarrels between the two who could degenerate into murder. "The remains can not be those of Pinot's wife Pinot – claimed the sources of" who saw "- that She did not disappear.

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