Saturday , October 23 2021

Inter, the possible arrival of Marotta can revolutionize the twelfth of the Rector,


There is still a detail, but now we can say that And a ragged zebra Can be a new leader ofInter, Even if the role should still be clarified. Former Juventus CEO announced a farewell to Juventus club after playing the league against Naples and since then the relationship with the new president, Stephen J. Eng, Were frequent: in a few days in fact will also be meeting with the patron of Suning, Jandong Jang. A contract of three million euros is ready for him for three years, but Marotta has already started working to strengthen the squad at the disposal of coach Nerazzurri. Luciano Spalletti.

The principal is, in fact, convinced that within two years the milanic society can be at the level of biancionary, both economically (with increasing turnover) and technically.

Possible reinforcements of Marotta

And a ragged zebra With his possible arrival he wants to strengthen Inter and try to build a competitive team, both in the league and in the Champions League, as soon as possible. Former Juventus manager has already identified some important goals to give coach Nerazzurri, Luciano Spalletti.

the first name [VIDEO] The list is of the Croatian midfielder of Real Madrid, Luka Mudrik, For which a new attempt will be made after the long summer storm. Nerazzurri need to contact mid field in January and we will try to correct this lack.

Eye also alternatives, which responds to the name Niccolo Berla, But also for the sake of her weakness and the desired mediator, who has a contract that hurts him [VIDEO] In June 2020 and refused to renew.

Plucked always attentive to market zero parameters, as evidenced by his arrival in Turin in the summer Emre Can. Eye awareness Alphonse Arula, A French concierge who violates a contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Handanovic experienced one of the best seasons in his career, but being in the 1984 class, it physiological to seek out the possible heir. Another possible goal is the French striker of Manchester United, Anthony Martiel, Even on the expiration of the contract, which currently does not seem ready to resume.

Eleven revolution

The coming summer might be there Ivan Frisk If it was to get a fair offer to its value, while entering that named eye role Federico was chewing. Plucked will be the task, in fact, to try to catch the best Italian talent in circulation.

Apart from the purple outside, there is also the name of Jannuluka Manchini, Who plays an excellent season with the Atalanta shirt and among the best on last Sunday in the field against Inter Milan.

Inter (4-2-3-1): Anasua (Artola), Versalico (Ambrosio), Scrienjer (Andersen), The Daugherpie (Hansen), Asamoah (Dalbert), Brozowicz, (Berla), Neuengolen (the Church of Politno), Modric (Rafinia), Frisk (combat), Icardi (Lautaro Martinez).

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