Monday , October 25 2021

Maneuver, Italy responds to the EU: "On the accounts we attract straight" – Economy


The reserves and assessments of the growth of the budget law "remained unchanged". This was confirmed by the sources of Palazzo Chigi at the end of the summit government with the President of the Council Giuseppe Conte for maneuvering. On the table was the response to the EU on the Budget Law, which should be sent at midnight today.

The reply in Brussels confirmed the establishment of the maneuver and the political action of the government: 100 cap starts immediately. Sources at the League explain this at the end of the Council of Ministers. The government approves the reserves and growth as expected (2.4% of the deficit and 1.5% of growth). There are also "automatic retention and inspection clauses for expenses already anticipated (with monitoring of public accounts for corrective purposes)".

The government's response to the EU's Budget Law is "Of attack rather than defense"The League's government sources explain this at the end of the summit and the CDM decided on the line to be taken in response to EU findings on the maneuver.
Maintaining the clauses to prevent the deficit rising over 2.4% If the government's growth forecasts for the maneuver were not approved and a new real estate disposal operation: These are some of the proposals contained in a letter to the EU confirming "the enterprise and political action." He learned from the League's sources, which also approved a mechanism for controlling expenditures.
Purchase code, investments, Means against hydrological stability And bureaucratic measures: These are some of the reforms that the government promises to want to complete and that it will write in writing to the EU, according to the League's sources at the end of the Council of Ministers.

"The maneuver for us does not change in sales or in the growth forecast, Because we are convinced that this maneuver is what the earth needs to start over. This country is stable in growth because it is the last government made a budget without budget and budget in which it has not invested a single euro for businesses and citizens. Clearly, in a letter to Brussels, we said that we are increasing the value and investment of our assets: we can make more money from the cuts and eliminate what is not used in state-owned structures. We said that our goal is to keep 2.4% and we are committed to maintaining it, "says Luigi Di Mayo at the end of the CDM, which has developed the response of the EU to maneuver." The news I have to give the Italians – it goes on – is that the income and pensions of the citizenship, step by step with the 100 covers, the means for scammed savers that we will return are measures that do not change: they go ahead and will create a 2019 of change.There are no family jewelry in an investment program: We are talking about the assets and assets of the secondary state of importance. There is no doubt that it will have an impact on the debt. This quantified in the letter "It will be sent to Brussels," explains Di Maio.

Meanwhile, the IMF warning about elephant, pension, spreads and debts coming to Italy

"We are working on a maneuver that promises more jobs, better retirement and less taxes, not for everyone but for many Italians. If Europe is good we are happy, otherwise we will pull straight ". Matteo Salvini said at the entrance to Palazzo Cesi for the top government CDM on the Budget Law. When asked if the maneuver would change, Slavini answered not by shaking his head.

Merkel, we need a solution, a dialogue with Brussels – "Italy is the founding country of the European Union and decided the rules with others." Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, said this, in response to questions from MEPs in the plenum in Strasbourg. "It is important to reach a solution and it is important that this be done in a dialogue with the European Commission," said Prime Minister Conte.

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