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Mina Sarah Batiste: Here is "Paradiso – Lucent and Batiste Songbok", the 20th anniversary hits collection for the disappearance


"For an interpreter singing songs of Lucio is a heavenly experience." That's why it's called Paradiso (Luigi Batisti Songbuk) The newly appointed album, comes with Warner Music on November 30. Mina Sarah Batiste in the year when the twentieth anniversary of the disappearance of what was long ago a friend of the street lady of the Italian song. Batista's story, which Mina always feels so nice, that for many years included songs of Mogul-Batiste in his double album in the fall. Eden, Available in dual-cd, triple-lp and digital, collects the songs of Battisti-Mogol already sung by Mina, plus two songs not interpreted, Wind in the wind Arranged by Rocco Tanica It was time to die Arranged by Fanny Massimiliano. The latter will be on the radio since November 16. Repubblica offers you a video preview.

Breeding ….

Mina Waloch and Batiste, separately and together, wrote much of the history of the modern Italian song. Together they also wrote an unforgettable page in the history of Italian television with this duet Theater 10. It was April 23, 1972, they sang together, You come back to me, It was time to die, And I think about you, You and I are alone, And yet I forgot you and Emotions. Just under nine minutes to leave a mark in the history of music and television. The professional paths of Mina and Bettisti continued at the same time. They merged for a short but fertile period, which during the years 1970-1971 Mina published four singles that were not continuously published with songs by Betisti and Mogul: together (May 1970) You and I are alone (November 1970) My Love (May 1971) The soul returns (October 1971). Mina continued to explore Lucio's poems for many years, not only with the album minacantalucio (1975) and its aftermath Mazzini sang the Batiste (1994), but also in other studio albums and lives, and also record versions in other languages ​​of the works signed by Betty and Mogul.

Paradiso (Luigi Batisti Songbuk) Again attests to this great affinity. Mina gathered all his interpretations of the songs of the Batiste-Mogul, but enriched him with two unpublished absolutes, the two songs that open the first CD and the first vinyl: Wind in the wind, Arranged by Rocco Tanica, e It was time to die, Arranged by the cool Pani Massimiliano. Also recover two songs now almost undetectable, while contained in the anthology from the print Mazzini sang the Beatist: Why not and The lion and the chicken). The CD version also contains a few rare ones, such as five songs of the Batiste in Spanish and one in French.

Mina Sarah Batiste: Here

Mina in the image of the seventies

All recordings included Paradiso – Lucio Battisti They were digitally reproduced from the original tapes, edited, reconstructed, reconstructed by Celeste Perrigo, with the constant and constant supervision of that Mina, who personally followed the whole operation. How much – five in total – programming keyboards were added by Ugo Bongianni and Massimiliano Fanny. But it is all specified in the credits, in both CD and vinyl version, to report in detail the information about each song. The song's song list is a kind of "who is it" of the category and includes – in addition to Tania and Fanny – Victor Bach, I am Perio, Dato Mariano, Pinot Presti, Jan Pierro Roversbury, Gabriel Yard. The same goes for the names of the musicians who accompanied Mina in her performances, a team of excellent musicians.

In the booklet of the CD edition and in the cover of the vinyl edition, a letter was written by Minna Lutz, The liberal September 28, 1998, a few days after his death. Positive and important words, which we report below.

Dear Luc,
It's a letter I wanted to write you for a long time. Every time I heard your piece, whenever someone on the street whistled something of yours I wanted to contact you, but I preferred to respect (I realized if I really should not do it …) your desire to be left alone. And maybe I'm in pain, you know? Because now I do not know how to return, at least partially, the joy, the gentleness, the sense of invincibility, the conscience to do something perfect that gave me the poetry of your creations. They were like the most inevitable mechanism, like the most effective weapon, like a shiny armor, like second skin even more than the first. They were built in simple simplicity, with the same cosmic total natural mood, making one think of the poetic fluency, the precious performance of certain Gospel songs. And so they are planted together in the tradition of the Italian song to make the boys sing while they ride their bikes to deliver bread, children and all the mothers of Italy while they prepare lunch for their loved ones.
What extraordinary talent, what a rare gift to be understood by everyone and everyone to be loved just for what you really are. You were the greatest in achieving the miracle that makes all of us feel children on the same subject, which makes us sing with tears in our eyes.
In those days I had to look at an unpleasant intervention, and a lot of gestures became sincere. I want to remember only those. I want to remember the bright eyes of boys and girls and even older girls. I want to remind you that God bless them, they defended you with the power of love from all media caravanserai masses. I want to remember those little flower bouquets, the little tickets that brought you, I think, to try to get back some of what you gave us all. You know, I had a dream. Madness. Along with Moreno, a very good young singer you did not know, but who loves you at least like me, we decided that if you did a concert again, we'd come and get you the choir. The great pleasure of being behind you and singing with you those that are our perfect, historical, beautiful, revered lives. And in our madness, we were already thinking about the ensemble, the works, the orchestra orchestra, even the clothes. Every time we met in the recording room, we added some details to our project. Everything would have changed, except for the presence of two choirs: the two of us, exactly. It does not matter. This means that this is only postponed.

Tua appointed.

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