Thursday , October 6 2022

Municipality, percentage of votes Course: In 19 only 26.7% voted, six points less than in the first round (and ten less than in 2016)


GodProductivity To the polls b voting Of municipal elections b 65 municipalities Including Rome, Turin, Trieste and seven other provincial capitals. At 19:00 only e 26.71%, Compared to 32.57% In the first round: almost six percentage points less. Therefore, the gap already recorded at 12, when the date date, is still growing 9.73%, Two and a half points less than 12.18% two weeks earlier. In contrast, compared to the 2016 cycle, the decline is Almost ten pointsPoint to 36.56%. To lower much the average is given in Rome: 25.28%, When the percentage decreases by 4.22 points Compared to the first round in which he voted 29.50%. The drop is of 9.63 Points, however, compared to the urban ones of 2016, when however we voted in one day: so he pointed to 34.91%. The negative record among the cities in the vote, however, is that of Turin, When at seven in the evening one in four is entitled to vote: e 25% Exactly, while in the first round it was the 29.29% (+ 4.29%) and in 2016 39.15% (+ 14.15%). With regard to Trieste, In 19 out of a total of 184,489 voters voted 48,836, equal to 26%, A decrease of three points compared to the first round, while at the age of 12 the figure was the same: e11%.

In Rome and Turin, the more consistent decline in the suburbs, the ones in the first round gave center candidates Micchi and Damilano (and there five years ago M5 candidates swept Virginia Reggie and Chiara Appendino). In the capital the lowest figure, 19.43% – Six points less than the first round – that of the sixth town hall (Tor Bella Monca, Tora Maura, Tora Angela), which already two weeks ago was the one where the least voted. Here, unlike the rest of the city, Enrico Michetti Log out Roberto Gueltiri Of twenty points (39.93% vs. 18.99%). In the central and pro-governmental municipalities, on the other hand, the turnout is higher than average: 27.27% At City Hall I e 29.74% del II, though also here a decrease of three to four points. Also in the capital of Piedmont, brands 5 and 6, their northern suburbs Paolo Demilano Was forward We fed him Russo, Recorded another decrease: -5% at 19:00 after -13% in the first round compared to 2016. The figure in the central districts decreased less (-3.5%).

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