Monday , October 3 2022

Only about fifteen workers want to carry out the siege of the port of Trieste


AGI – Stefano Poucher, leader of no-green protest at the port of Trieste, Resigned By coordinating port workers later on Saturday he announced the disbandment of the garrison and then capsized

But there are only about fifteen anchors still in favor of the strike that began last Friday. Far fewer than a dozen who initially supported the battle led by Poser, A ‘victim’ of the internal rift, but also of threats from the ‘hard’ movement against the green card.

Many of his colleagues did not like to learn that only after the fact of his reversal was consumed last night within a few hours, first with the declaration of an epilogue of the garrison and then with the decision to continue. As the hours go by The rift between the anchors and the “hard and pure” is revealed more and more clearly del movimento beyond without green.

“If we’re so few we can not stop the port. So it does not make sense, We can not go without a salary for so many days“Docking explained to the no-wax representative who invited him to continue the protest” until the decree on the green crossing is revoked. “

Poszer announced his resignation in a Facebook post earlier this morning. “It’s true I’m going to take my responsibility. One of them is The decision to continue the presidency until October 20. “Not only was the decision not enforced by anyone, on the contrary, they did not want to accept it, but I demanded it.”

Meanwhile, even this morning the garrison of Trieste anchors continued after last night’s turbulent moments when dispersed, Announced the liquidation first and then reverse, Apologizes to the opponents who challenged him both live and on social media.

At Gate 4, the heart of the protest, there are some employees in Sinab and One hundred citizens in solidarity With their choice to strike.

“If I have two wrong words – explained Poser, who had only previously undergone some kind of process in the circle of those who opposed his decision – I apologize. I did not mean for the battle to end, But we won because we saw so many people here and because they would be accepted in Rome. We will only celebrate when the goal of eliminating the green transition is achieved. “

In the afternoon the ultimatum came: “This situation can no longer be tolerated. That’s enough for me, that’s enough. Tomorrow I will hear the department and try to understand, “Zeno D’Agostino, president of the Trieste Ports Authority, told the Polyoli Authority of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, regarding the block in front of Gate 4.

Poszer ” Trial ‘

“Stefano understood our disappointment and mistake. His job is not to consider words and then maybe he was tired.” Marcello, who is employed by the Revenue Authority, is one of those in the group who gathered in a circle yesterday They made a kind of ‘trial’ Against Stefano Poser.

grenn pass trieste puzzer resigns from union

Marcello tells AGI what happened: “When we read the first press release announcing an epilogue and talked about a meeting in parliament, we realized that Stefano mocked him because a meeting in parliament, not even with the government, he would not take anything out of us. After a few minutes of unrest between us, Stefano He understood our disappointment and a crowd of people was created around him. “

“We made him realize he was wrong “He continues – and he sincerely apologized to us and then took the microphone and said he would change the press release to announce the continuation of the garrison.”

Marcelo arrived at Trieste Melcha on a large red motorcycle with an anti-green sign hanging on it.

grenn pass trieste puzzer resigns from union

“Will I go back to the office tomorrow? I’m not even thinking about it. I’m on strike and as a lawyer, I know this is not an illegitimate strike. When they ask me for an account, I will explain that if I have to present the green card I will not work. I can afford it for a while. I know others cannot do that. This is an individual choice like here at the port. Those who want to work do it, “he says.

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