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Pasta diet, how to eat it and lose weight without giving up taste



Eat a little, of everything. This is a mantra that a person feels again and again. Now to confirm its validity is a very large study conducted in 189 countries for 52 years (from 1961 to 2013). The researchers recorded the habits of different countries, assessed their tendency to consume various foods, the great monotony or less. By matching this parameter to total life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, they concluded that there is a direct correlation between the greater diversity in the table and the increase in average life, which does not change even considering the different socio-economic conditions of the different countries. Reasons: Changing diet allows you to take a larger amount of micronutrients, such as calcium, manege, iron, zinc, copper, and vitamins of group B and C, while large monotony is associated with an increase in glycemic load.

SAccording to a recent study at the university, the anti-inflammatory diet is a strong ally of our health because it helps to prolong life and keep young people, reducing the risk of premature death by 18%.

The study I am referring to was conducted in Sweden and was attended by 68,273 men and women between 45 and 83 years. Those who have been severely affected by the anti-inflammatory diet have seen, as we have said, the overall risk of mortality by 18%, mortality from heart disease and disease by 20% and cancer by 13%.

This result is very interesting in light of the obvious fact: inflammation is one of the evils of our time, because of the "excessive" defense response of the organism to agents considered dangerous. In the area where this process begins, several molecules are concentrated, Produced by our body, Whose purpose is to protect us. The repeated stimuli, however, define the exaggerated response, that is, beyond the permissible He is responsible for the state Inflammatory tissue that continues Over time which is the basis of many degenerative chronic diseases such as heart attack, stroke and cancer. The high presence of these "inflammatory molecules" is due to various stimuli, but mainly due to improper nutrition, a typical problem of our society today, which exceeds the consumption of meat, cheese, snacks, fried foods, simple sugars, butter, sweets, sweet drinks , Refined flour … Our goal is to reduce the additional inflammatory molecules in our body. But remember: there is no miraculous food, just as there are no foods to demonize completely.

We can only do the real miracle by learning to choose healthy foods to suit them properly. In this issue of Health and Nature we further note the basic rules to follow to make our body essential nutrients, Looking for (at the same time) pleasure and food at the same time. The diet we are talking about can become a life-long drug, which helps you stay young and healthy, Which significantly reduces the risk of developing diseases that put us at great risk.

Doctors of the future will not prescribe drugs and will teach their patients how to cure their body with a diet. "Thomas Edison wrote in 1903. Predictably not fulfilled, but it has great intuition and scientific truth: Today we know that with the right foods we can Prevent and maintain many diseases in the Gulf, even the most serious and chronic, and there are many studies that demonstrate how food choices can affect quality of life and longevity.

The latest study, published recently in the British Journal of Nutrition, was carried out by the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention of the Neurological Institute of Neuromedicine of the Mediterranean. The study included 25 thousand Molise citizens, observed for eight years. Well, the results show that those who go to the Mediterranean diet (and therefore based on fresh vegetables, plentiful, whole grains, fish, extra virgin olive oil and more small meat) live longer. And if you think that at some point in life games are done, you are wrong. The study also focused over 65 (representing 5 percent of the sample taken into account) to conclude that those who remain loyal to boxes of diet based on cereals, fruits and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, fish and vegetables see a 25 percent lower risk of death.

Returning to the assumption, if today's doctors (unfortunately) are more focused on pills than on a balanced diet, we have in hand a key tool to live better and better: make the right choices, bring the right foods to the table.

Eye for calories

What makes the difference is also the amount of food we consume. B confirm epidemiological data. »

The longest populations, those living in the blue regions (parts of the world with a century-high percentage: the Japanese island of Okinawa, the Nico Peninsula in Costa Rica, Ilaria Island in Greece, Lorna Linda in California and Sardinia) have a habit of eating small. There are many advantages: First it reduces excess weight (causes diseases shorten life), and secondly, activates cellular hypothalamus repair mechanisms. Limiting the donation means a tangible reduction in daily calories by 30%, from 2,000 to 1,400. hi alternative, it can work for me half fasting: me a day of the week do not eat fruits, grains and derivatives, legumes, alcohol and protein sources of milk, such as milk, cheese, meat, eggs and fish. Only vegetables with a little oil, herbs and spices, lemon), water, tea and coffee, containing polyphenols.

It only takes seven daysChanging the dining style is a goal to be achieved gradually, and involves adopting a new lifestyle (you will see) will give you great satisfaction. The first, greatest advantage will remain invisible to the eye: the level of inflammation will fall, the silent killer directed at many diseases.

Stopping inflammation means maintaining diabetes and cardiovascular disease, keeping the cells young, from the brain to the immune system. But you will see changes already after the first seven days of your new diet: you will feel lighter and full of energy because slowly you will be able to cleanse the toxins that slow down digestion and metabolism, cause swelling and also cause other vital mechanisms to jam our organism.

Many think it's a real enemy for our line, but it's not like this: pasta can help you lose weight. Find out how a low calorie diet works. Label for many years the enemy of our physical form, the pasta This is the first food we usually ban on our table when we decide to implement a diet. But if we told you that pasta can be help to lose weight? This is not a joke and say this nutritionist Pietro Migliaccio who has developed one Hypocaloric diet Which is based precisely on pasta consumption. Here's how it works.

Characteristics of pasta
Pasta is often demonized by those who are attentive to their own line and yet there are many Useful properties for our body And it should never be completely abolished from the diet. It's rich in carbohydrates, but it comes Complex carbohydrates Which do not immediately enter the circle, but are slowly absorbed, suppressing hunger. The pasta It avoids sudden sudden glycemic peaks and does not contain cholesterol, So much so that it can be inserted into hypolipidic diets, pay attention to the spices. It acts as a countermeasure, Because it releases serotonin, better known as a hormone of good humor, and is rich in trifton, this substance promotes the production of hormones of well-being, which calm the nervous hunger, typical of those on diet.

How the diet works
The pasta diet provides the intake 1100 calories a day. Lose 1-2 kg per week, depending on the initial weight, and it is better not to extend it beyond two weeks.Migliaccio's diet is based on A complete diet And displays all the nutrients that the body needs and it is good for health. Do not miss the sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetables and fats, to be those preferred vegetables. As usual these are expected 5 meals a day: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two classic snacks, mid-morning and afternoon.

A plate of pasta a day
The diet provides the intake A plate of pasta a day, Preferred light sauces avoiding excessive fat spices. Pasta, better if do not dente, should be eaten at lunch and preferably consume all five or cereal. At dinner, however, you must consume protein foods, such as meat, fish and lean cheeses.

Pasta does not make you fat, but is important in all controlled diet regimes and is able to promote the control of blood glucose in a diabetic patient. Many people who want to lose weight believe that the first foods that must be completely dispensed are pasta and bread. But that's not the case: it's the dose that makes the difference. The most effective weight loss diets are not the ones that make us fast, but those that allow us to display a quantity of food that satisfies with low energy density, and for this reason not only fruits and vegetables are important but it is also a good dish of pasta, possibly seasoned with vegetable sauces.

A dose of 80 grams with fresh tomatoes, a tablespoon of oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil and two teaspoons of Parmesan cheese brings about 420 kilocalories, which is even less if you use whole wheat pasta (about 400). So we fed hypolipidic food that then lends itself well to a balanced diet (of course if you are not abused with spices) also because it provides an adequate amount of protein. In fact, experts show that the ratio between proteins of vegetables and animal origin is 2 to 1. Therefore, dishes like pasta and beans, pasta, chickpeas or lentils pasta are definitely being reassessed.

What is important then is that pasta is essential to prevent a low-calorie regimen causing causing weakness, apathy, sadness: all the emotions that are often the direct result of limited intake of high quality carbohydrates such as starch contained in all grains and derivatives. The pasta puts a good mood, prevents and / or suppresses the feeling of fatigue, gives muscle efficiency and good quality of life. Here's why.

It is the main diet of the Mediterranean diet, a group of eating habits that act as a long-term lifespan and a cure for cardiovascular disease and cancer. If you look at the pyramid of food, we see that pasta, a worthy hero of the cereal group, is at the base, the other only vegetables and fruits. In a healthy and balanced diet, at least 55 percent of all calories should come from carbohydrates, especially those that are complex. Following the guidelines of the correct Italian diet, the reference portion is 80 grams dry pasta and 120 for fresh egg, up to a maximum of eight servings per week. It is estimated that for adults, under normal conditions, about 180 grams per day of glucose is needed (the final product of starch digestion) to meet energy needs (100-120 grams are used only for the nervous system), and our body is unable to accumulate large deposits: So the supply must be daily.

Because carbohydrates are an essential fuel, even for our muscles, so many athletes consume them to improve their performance. Pasta, thanks to the fact that it has a reduced glycemic index, especially when seasoned with vegetables, is a better guarantee of sustained satiety as well as more effective prevention of diabetes control. Not only that: it contains a significant amount of mineral salts, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and some B vitamins. This is especially suitable for those who need to maintain good blood pressure.

Then, it is said that it is also good for mood, which is because it contains the tryptophan, an amino acid from which our body is able to produce the serotonin, this neurotransmitter is missing in depressive syndromes. Finally, the dough combines the positive effect of fiber on the series of bowel function and on the control of cholesterol and glycemia. Related to vegetables such as broccoli, eggplant, courgettes, tomatoes and basil, pesto liguria or aromatic herbs becomes a balanced food.

In recent decades, the use of vacuum in the industrial field has undergone intensive development with increasing applications in terms of number and type. Every day we use objects produced in this resource: glass bottles, various plastics and expanded materials, bricks, tiles and food products, including prominent pasta.

Durum Wheat Semolina pasta is one of the most well-known Italian products in the world. The simplicity of the product, which was prepared in law by only two natural ingredients, namely semolina and water, makes it a Mediterranean diet. Semolina pasta Industrial wheat is produced using extrusion lines and drying mainly produced in Italy which gives high resistance to cooking and maintenance of bright yellow color, which originates in raw material.

Each production line has its own kneading machine, in which computer systems mix durum semolina with water in suitable sizes, in order to optimize the dough for the production of different pasta forms.

After approximately 20 minutes of processing, the dough is transferred to a smaller kneader called "vacuum". From here the trail continues through the action of a spiral screw that pushes the dough against the cube (different for each size) under which a knife is dangerous, cutting the dough to the desired length. Teflon or bronze are dead to obtain pasta with a rough, favorite surface of gourmet, as it is able to retain more spice.

Creating the vacuum in the kneading machine enables the dough to be reduced at this stage. To prevent the glue from accumulation, it is dried and superficial, immediately after cutting, by the action of hot air stream for a few minutes. After drying in advance lasting about an hour, actual drying takes place for several hours (3 or more) to reach a final humidity of 12%. All drying processes are carried out at a temperature of 90 ° C. At the end, the dough is cooled for 5 minutes at room temperature to avoid condensation forming during packing. Automatic production lines prevent any human contact during the whole process, ensuring the quality of the finished product. It can be noted that in addition to the two basic basic elements, namely water and semolina, the only factor contributing to the process of change is emptiness. His basic task is to remove the air contained in the mixture.

The adhesive is formed with a sufficient amount of vacuum visible to the eye with different "white dots", visible only after drying, which are the source of pores. Porous adhesive becomes consistent during cooking, thus coming less than the idea of ​​"pasta al dente". In addition, removing air means removing oxygen that, in addition to oxidizing the product, tends to change the natural yellow gold color characteristic of wheat.

The quality of the pasta is therefore conditioned by the quality and origin of the wheat, by the water that provides the mineral salts and by the degree of vacuum it must be high and constant. Since 1923, the year of its establishment, Pneumofore is engaged in the research and development of innovative, reliable, environmentally sustainable solutions in the field of vacuum pumps and air compressors. Evolution has led to the transformation of V series pumps with drop lubrication (used since the 1940s) to the UV series, characterized by unique and exclusive performance for greasy disposable pumps.

Uses such as pasta, brick and foam, characterized by the presence of water and water vapor, until a few years ago were exclusively exclusive of liquid ring pumps; Today, with the use of UV series Pneumoforer pumps, unmatched performance is achieved both in terms of flow rate and vacuum level, using lower electricity and eliminating the ecological impact of fluid management (water or oil) due to significant acquisition and realization costs.

Considering only energy savings combined with limited maintenance costs, we have achieved investment returns that make the investments themselves impractical. Moreover, thanks to absolute performance improvement, product quality is also significantly improved.

In 1998, at Garificicalo Pastificio, in the "Sacred Space" of Gragnano, where the quality of the pasta is indisputable, the first UV16 pump was installed to replace three liquid ring pumps. In addition to eliminating water management problems, electricity has fallen by 15%; With the same capacity, the level of vacuum increased, and, consequently, quality too. Currently, seven UV16 BP and 1 UV8 BP units are installed in this factory, confirming the reliability, continuous performance and energy efficiency guaranteed by Pneumofore vacuum systems, which are reflected in the impeccable quality of the final product.

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