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See Barcelona live: The re-beauty of football (blaugrana)


In the late afternoon of Tuesday evening, waiting for the Champions League of Barcelona, ​​Sky broadcast the famous semi-finals of the two teams in San Siro on April 20, 2010 (and won by Nerazzurri Mourinho 3-1). To test this, before witnessing live to regain the group stage of the Champions 2018-2019 (finished 1-1, goal by Malcom and Icardi) was a useful and interesting exercise.


The state, first of all, about the beauty of the game, rightly left in history: the very fact that it seems a race played a week ago (and not 8 and a half years ago) says a lot about how the two teams were at the forefront. By the way, it is hoped that the football clubs pinned the names of all who said (or wrote) that Inter was a screw (choose them in the penalty, in the form of duty to test forever certain games of any Italian Championship: examples are not lacking).

Shocking pink

Anyway, between the two challenges at least one thing in common c: scary shades of pink shirt where Barcelona fell on the grass of San Siro. For the rest, among the many differences there is one, its huge paradox: that marching Valverde's blogger seems to be more of a Guardiola team than it was one led by Pep that evening away. (In addition to Inter's greatness) is the other fundamental reason for the elimination of the Blaugrana and the victory of the Naturals in the Champions League (an accident between the two victories of the 2009 and 2011 bloggers).

Unnamed: Three unrepeatable

As you recall, at the beginning of the 2009-2010 season, the two clubs closed a market for which Ibrahimovic and Catalonia in return for the slowest had more money. It took a few months to figure out who really earned us. And it is not Barcelona, ​​which, while remaining very strong, includes another champion in its perfect mechanisms, which for them mechanisms sometimes stuck them. The same mechanisms whose integrity over the years has been attributed to a contemporary presence (and reasons of almost non-repetitive genetic statistics) of three champions like Iniesta, Avi and Messi.

Quantum calcium

It is true that in 2010 Iniesta was not in the field, but many (including – oddly enough – largely the same thing in which Mourinho's Inter was catenacciara) explained the magnificence of Barcelona's Guardiola in the presence of these three, surrounded by other major champions, Rared Pick and Sergio Buxtkes, the only two in the field eight and a half years later. And in fact: the football played by Valverde against Spalletti of Inter was as magnificent as Guardiola's best, but without nineteen elevenths of the team. On November 6, 2018, the boulegrana returned quantum (cone in the definition of Sandro Modo in his 2011 book Il Barra). In other words, it is related to comfortable and elusive situations and dynamics.

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For a while now, perhaps from the amazing 4-0 at Santos in the 2011 FIFA World Cup final, we have not seen Barcelona play that way. Perfect pressure, intense fierce pressure, closing prevention Master, impeccable coverage of the field to make it difficult for the Inter each exit with the ball. If the team of Spalletti lost 111 balls to 378 passes (compared to 133 out of 738 Barcelona) there are two cases: Nerazzurri woke up every Tuesday morning with their feet turned into irons (as many suspected facing a large number of support and curfew errors). Or movements without a ball (or a thesis to restore it) of the Valverde team were so perfect as sending the men of Spalletti in confusion. Not to mention those who own …

Like Mozart or Raphael

In short, the game in Barcelona was a masterpiece of the famous famous game (to simplify, let's say that the style of the game in which the players must occupy a certain position in the field based on where the ball, in order to create more lines of transition to who has it as defined by Alex Frosio on Gazzetta dello Sports Of September 29 last). A game of what happens when (and when you're lucky enough to see it live), how to hear Mozart played by the Berliner Philarmoniker or admire Raphael's painting.

The numerical proof

One of those cases, namely, where aesthetics even mathematical integrity, if it is true that Inter pulled only once with the goal, while Barea has established its own record of attempts and shots in the race away (26). Because then with one shot Inter have compared the game due to the wildness of Icardi, the parades of Handanovic and some too many blauragrana strikers mistakes. But the point is not that. Obviously the final 1-1 can also be replaced for one demonstration of the trial because a good game is useless if not win. But apart from the fact that with this paint Barcelona is still qualified in the second round, it seems that San Siro seems to have returned to the team which does not care only to win (unlike, for example in 2015 made the triple with Luis Enrique).


It's 2018-2019 season seems to want to return to the pursuit of perfection, namely the victory through the best possible performances. A successful business in Guardiola, which for Barcelona was a child, like most players of the legendary circuit. Which seems to explain much about this uniqueness. But now, all this seems to have resumed with the coach playing only two years in Barcelona where the products of the famous cantera are minorities (and not the most important, except for the eternal Piqu and Busquets. "We still said, but in both challenges with Inter was missing Messi …). If you have a strong idea behind you, you want to perpetuate it over time, to know how to pick the right people and give them time to get in. To make it themselves (as happens Arthur and Coutinho, as can happen with Dmbl and even Malcom).

First step

Of course, playing in Spain, the country decided to distort the tradition of a long decade of rage to marry the sweetness of the helper. But even Milan, on a clear day, decided that not only Italian football, which had reached the top of the world. The Janet Revolution was born, created by the years of their birth. On Tuesday evening, Inter President Stephen Young was in the stands at San Siro. It seems ambitious (and vision) to imagine the right path. And Spalletti of Inter, although inevitably very far from this Barcelona (and it may not be otherwise) is already the first step. No advice is needed.

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