Saturday , October 1 2022

Team of Scudetto with Modric (RUMORS)


The clerk is missing, but he can arrive in the coming weeks: it seems that now is safe for landingInter of And a ragged zebra. The manager said goodbye to Juventus after the big game against Naples and now he is preparing to start the new adventure in Milan. Former CEO of Juventus flew to Nanjing to meet the patron of Sunning, Jandong Jang, And the Club Program moves for the next sessions of football. The goal is to overcome Juventus, both from an economic and a technical point of view. On the market a private name at the top of the list will always be that of the Croatian knot, Luka Mudrik, Had been looking for a long time last summer.

Mudrik would be the first target

The first goal [VIDEO] Inter At the next transfer meeting seems, for a change, the Croatian midfielder of Real Madrid, Luka Mudrik. The player has long been matching the Nerazzurri colors already last summer, when the Spanish club does not want to let him go.

Dynamo Zagreb's former and Tottenham will not change, as evidenced by the fact that the player refused to renew the contract in June 2020. Therefore, his task will have to be dealt with by a disgruntled footballer and, more importantly, one year after the contract expires. Marotta is in excellent relations with the Spanish club, as shown by the acquisition Cristiano Ronaldo And, in a meeting with Suning, one can describe the strategy to try to bring the Croatian connection to Milan.

It is possible that the deal could go to the port for a total amount around thirty forty million euros but it would be necessary to see if Real would open the loan task with the right / duty of redemption.

Team Scudetto

the intent And a ragged zebra He snatched Scudetto from his former team. With Suning former Juventus CEO estimating the transplants to give a technician, Luciano Spalletti. In addition to the Modric, another very hot name at Inter is that of Niccolo Barla Because with the national team, as well as with this with Cagliari, proved to be ready to jump in quality.

The best talents in circulation, perhaps Italian. It will be a dictator and therefore this other goal reacts there Federico was chewing, Estimated by Fiorentina seventy million euros. The alternative is Anthony Martiel, 1995 status, contract expires with Manchester United. It is not excluded that both come with a luxurious allocation in the advanced class (Perisic in a rod). Defending goals The goals are Andersen and Manny [VIDEO].

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