Saturday , April 17 2021

Tesla, track and track for Model 3 comes

Tesla Made its Model 3 even more performance, at least a performance version. Alon Mosk's girlfriend, in fact, began the functioning of "Track mode"Which allows to improve the performance of the car by improving the speed of road maintenance.This is a mode of driving designed specifically for the track and not be used on ordinary roads.Track Mode is an exclusive software innovation that changes the car behavior.

As Tesla herself explains in her official blog, "Track Mode" goes Manage the functioning of two electric motors dynamically To ensure that the power changes dynamically on both front and rear cars. The goal is to improve the insertion into the curve of the Tesla 3 model, minimize the loss of grip and therefore improve the travel speed. In addition, the "Track Mode" also optimizes the cooling of the car's battery to avoid overheating due to intense power demand during the lap track.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this driving mode, Tesla shared the results of one's knees Tesla Model 3 Performance With an active "track mode" it made a lower time mark than that of the Ferrari 458.

What, however, affects more is not so much a result in terms of performance, but some simple software update can significantly change the behavior of the car. This is another demonstration of how connected cars can offer future owners new features thanks to updates they will receive from manufacturers.

Cars that look more and more like smartphones and that more and more in the future will offer new services to people thanks to simple updates they will receive thanks to the presence of internal connectivity system.

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