Sunday , October 2 2022

The bug in installing PS4 games is probably back –


A insect Who bothered PS5 Relating toInstalling a PS4 game He may have returned to the office, according to reports from several Reddit users.

This issue occurred while converting a PS4 disc game to a PS5 version. In some cases the console is mistaken Install both versionsThus taking up a lot of space on the SSD and requiring the user to delete the excess manually.

The above bug was fixed by Sony through a firmware update released last February, but as VGC colleagues reported, it appears to be re-emerging with some games, including Nioh, No Man’s Sky and Death Stranding Director’s Cut, according to reports from Some Reddit users.



For example, in the sub-version Death Stranding a player states that his PS5 installs the PS4 version of Director’s Cut daily and that he must manually delete it each time. And the problem has also been confirmed by other users in the comments.

We are not talking about a bug that prevents you from playing, but it is definitely very annoying. The hope is of course that Sony will release a new update to the PS5 as soon as possible that will solve the problem, maybe this time for good.

Meanwhile the PlayStation Store on PS5 has been updated with the new section “New Games”, here’s what it is and how it works.

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