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Tragedy in Martina Calchio, a player found dead in the garage: suicide?


Fabiano Koloch

Fabiano Koloch

The actor Fabiano Colcio was born in Montalbano, part of Pasano (Bar), Class 99, one of the best under Martina in promotion (2 in place of a table), was found missing garage garage at home. To make the sad discovery of the captain of the group, Marco Amato, who had heard on the phone with Fabiano that evening to agree with when he would be the next day. In the morning the escort waited until he suspected the delay and asked Fabiano's little brother to call him. After some research, the young man was later found lifeless in the garage of his house by the same brother.

A young footballer who seemed to be passing through a complicated moment after the separation of his parents was regularly trained with his teammates until Friday evening and was a regular player in the operation of the Martina football, decadent noble and engaged in an increase to more categories depending on the tradition of the club. Kolochi was part of the line of commitment and became an indisputable owner in great performances. The president of the terrified Carbonara Club still declared: "This knowledge shocks us, I asked for referral to the league, we can not explain the reason for the incident (suicide?), So it's disturbing." The company sent a condolence message to the bank.

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