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Vaccination in pregnancy. Basic preventive action for mother and child


Since the conference held yesterday by the Bari doctors' order, there has been a need to create synergies between hygienists, general practitioners, gynecologists and pediatricians, overcome fears, build awareness paths and include vaccines during pregnancy. Of & # 39; birth path & # 39; to protect mother and child.

18 NOV – The conference "Synergies between General Practitioners, Gynecologists, Hygienists and Pediatricians as a key component for promoting vaccines during pregnancy" took place yesterday at the Barry Medical Association. An update on infectious diseases and vaccination strategies for pregnant women, with the aim of promoting a more robust vaccine culture among health professionals as a basic tool for prevention.

The task of hygienists, general practitioners, gynecologists, and pediatricians is to accompany the woman in a conscious way of prevention at all stages of pregnancy, from birth planning. The benefits of immunotherapy in women of childbearing age and pregnant women are highlighted in the National Immunization Program 2017-2019.

As evidence of the importance of these vaccines, the Circular circular published on August 7, 2018, "Recommended vaccinations for women of childbearing age and fertility" emphasizes the importance of this type of primary prevention. Pregnancy represents a certain period of life during which it becomes crucial to pay particular attention to protecting the health of both the mother and the unborn child. At this point, the protection proposed by vaccines can prevent the acquisition of impurities considered trivial and that, instead, can lead to increased hospitalization and complications of both mother and baby. Vaccination against flu in the second or third trimester of pregnancy allow the development of maternal antibodies able to overcome the placental barrier and allow the protection of the infant from these infections during the first few months of life.

As he pointed out Cinecia Reminario, Of the epidemiological observatory in the Poglia region, children within 36 months in Foglia experienced a significant reduction in vaccination, below 95% representing the target of the flock vaccination. Thanks to the Order of Lorenzine, more than 95% coverage was obtained for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, and close to 95% for measles, mumps and rubella. The importance – this is the message conveyed during the conference – is to immunize children from an early age, but also to vaccinate adults, because the timing of vaccines must accompany a person throughout their lives, considering that each age has critical problems.

Even during pregnancy, the vaccine is "an important preventive action, both for the health of the woman and for the unborn child, who, especially in the earlier range, is more exposed to the risk of infection – Nicolas Lapurgia Director of the Department of Neurology of Policlico di Beeri. Teach the mother to put the child on the vaccination board. Unfortunately, Italy still has 10% of the population that is convinced that vaccines do come to diseases. Some vaccinations are completely safe during pregnancy, only vaccination and virus downloads should be done after pregnancy. The flu vaccine, antihypertensive or trivalent can be safely done during pregnancy to protect the mother as well as the child.

Even to overcome the fears, Maria GironaProfessor of applied medicine at the University of Berry, said, starting with the experience of Barry's Policlinico, by using an on-site vaccination at the gynecology clinic for immunization – the need to include vaccines in a "birth path".

"Despite what happened at the Children's Hospital, he said at the opening of the conference Jancarlo Rossetti – Our region at mandatory age rates reached the purposes of vaccination coverage. Puglia is therefore an execution area. I think that a covenant like today is basic, because by holding the pregnant woman we can make a circular action and then ensure that the future mother will also protect her children. "

"As an imperative we are always condemning vaccinations, as demonstrated by the commitment to sensitivity to citizenship that has been implemented in recent years – responses Franco to Walla, Vice President of the Physicians Ordinance, who organized the conference. We are committed to promoting a network of healthcare professionals, in accordance with the quality of care approach. Also for vaccines, the creation of Pdta (Tracks for Treatment and Diagnostic Therapy) that regulate an organic path is extremely necessary.

November 18, 2018
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