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"Wonderful Animals 2" back to Hogwarts with young white Dumbledore with white eyes


PARIS – Wonderful animals come home: Grindelwald's crimes, The second chapter of Pantology on Fantastic animals I imagined the cinema from JK Rowling, Distributed with connections to the past and places of Harry Potter /. From the throbbing heart of the saga: Hogwarts. Re-examination of the building's silhouette, classrooms, the large central hall will undoubtedly turn the hearts of several generations of fans forever. An audience of new characters or emerging from the past, each with their own dilemma, conflict, secret, hidden connexion. All with a selection of fields to do in front of the rise of the new / old arcade: that Grindelwald we met at Gifts of Death, Owner of the old scepter. A harp, his white-eyed son who designed a novel, convincing, storytelling, charismatic.

Breeding ….

Paris, Paris

The film, directed by David Yates (Which defines him as "emotional tension"), which leaves the corridor on November 15, lasts 132 minutes, which jump off the faction (and skeletal horses, Testale of Photryana memory) on a stormy New York sky on night; the daring escape of Depp / Grindelwald, The previous film after being exposed (Depp took over the self and Colo Farrell) and was imprisoned in the basement of Macosa, the US magician's headquarters, takes advantage of the European prison transfer to be released. Newt (The Italian version of the books was Scandro, which was always translated by the Oscars Eddie Redmine) Is limited to the travel ban. He stumbled, even if he had his business; in the basement of his old house there was the headquarters where he kept his animals. Summoning by Magical Summits, he can get back the travel permit if he joins his brother, a former war hero and now head of the British and British, hunting for Credence, a ragged Obscurator in the first film but this supravissuto. The young man played by the talented Ezra Miller He is looking for its origins. He works in a circus of animals and creatures run by a charlatan, and he is in contact with a wonderful woman destined for a terrible and famous future: to become a naughty snake, so precious to Voldemort.

Returns the clipboard

He says Eddie Redmine, More and more comfortable as a coach, a doctor of fantastic animals. "The actors often prefer to work in the theater, because if evening goes wrong they can reconstruct it and improve it from time to time, but this time we have been able to appreciate the maturity of the characters within us in the last two years and tell them a better and deeper version of their evolution." Jared Lau He wanted to "explore the mysterious past that can be seen in the Harry Potter books about Dumbledore's character … It was not easy to show a character we know, so comfortable in the last years of life, but so complicated and remorseful, agonizing, complex at the time of this story."

The premiere in Paris of "wonderful animals". JK Rowling and all her actors MG Loewe to Zoe Kravitz

Interkey & Couples

And so, in Paris, Smander meets with Albus Dumbledore, Tina Goldstein, Catherine Waterstone Who wants to keep his promise to defend the affidavit, her sister Queenney (Alison Sudol, Beautiful and good, good and beautiful), which was persecuted by the beloved scribe-not Meg, in short, human, Jacob Kowalski, Dan Fogler. Then again Grindelwald and his followers who want to use the powers of Credence, Newt's brother (Callum Turner) And his fiancee Leta Letrange (ex-boyfriend Hogwarts the first magician of the crush) Zoe Kravitz). Last night in the French capital was the world premiere of the saga with all the heroes (except Depp), and this event created a special Parisian map with the corresponding fantastic places. (The tour is insured). It is the inventor of the stone falcon and the philosopher also comes in history. In this second episode there are many couples, the brothers of William Newt and Lithuania, Kevinie and Jacob, Newt and Tina, Creedness and Nagiri. But we also offer a stormy and uncontrollable love between two very young magicians, who then become Dumbledore Grindelwald. After all, Rowling has never made a mystery of the sexual orientation of her favorite character. In Paris Jared LauWhen asked about the point, he explained that "it was important to me how this connection with Grindelwald influenced him: it was not so much about sexual orientation, but about this particular person and his feelings toward the other. "He said.

Breeding ….

Appeal to bring fantastic animals to Italy

The twists, not revealing, are a few and circle the story to familiar places and faces, we said. Rolling back in the face of recurrent issues (the search for identity, marginality of the different) and linked, we in 1927, a tragic chapter in the history of mankind: the rise of nationalism and regimes that will lead to war world. On the façade of Fantastic Animals returns Asticello, the runner who lives in the pocket of Newt, rubasioielli Snaso that has reproduced abundantly to give life to a real depression band, but there are also some innovations like the Chinese Zouwu, inspired by the mythical beast: a cat with a mane and a multicolored tail that goes crazy on a rattle, The Scottish ballot, a sea dragon that looked like seaweed, Oguri, a big sad owl with a colored tail. And winged wing, split hooves and pointed tail. After wanting to know the names of the saga translated into Italian and enjoying too much to express Albus Dumbledore, Babano and Skander, Redmine and Justice enjoy the following chapter in Italy: "I think about that, what part of Italy?" Says the law. "It would be nice to imagine the alternatives of magical places in the cities of Italian art, and I make an appeal: Please, Mrs. Rowling, for the next film we're going to Italy," says Redmine.

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