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【941 â € "94 Athletic also on roller slides! Very pleased with the large park along the Arakawa River –


Thank you, sir.

Every day I send my daughter all year round to the bus to the gardens and wait until the bus arrives. Although it was a light rain a few days ago, but because it was "Dad, US try", if I open Youtube on the smartphone would dance with DA PUMP USA while dancing together, the teacher who was on the bus coming it was a bit embarrassing . My teacher is also nice people, so it was nice to dance a little, "It's a fun song ~".

Well, my recently 2 year old son is fun to be cycling clearly. "By the way, when my daughter was a girl, I took a bicycle and we went out with two people." I remembered that when I saw a map I saw a nice park and went there with two men.

In the park there seems to be a large slide in Oshima Komatogawa Park. This is where you can go on a bike from home for about 20 to 30 minutes, easy to understand as it looks along the River River of Arakawa. The objective is to slide, when you see the sky image with the map application, you can see that there is a large slide.
The official site is here.
Oshima Park Komatogogawa

It is usually used as a recreation area such as a park, and an athletic square and a barbecue square etc. are installed together. It seems that this is a disaster-prevention park that will be an evacuation site for 200,000 people in the event of a disaster.

The park, is very spacious

Because the barbecue square is a weekend it looks full

Since the park is large enough, there are many families who bring a tent and spread the seat in a peaceful atmosphere. The big slide is located on the far side of the park as you go from Arakawa.

Unnamed: That's a big slide! Pretty size

This is a small slide, both roller type and slide so smooth

The environment of gaming equipment is a rubber cutting sidewalk and is accommodating for children

There are not so many gaming equipment, but children seem to be happy just because they're running around.

It's fun to go because it tends.

There is an interesting shop in this playground area, children are too excited.

Unnamed: It's a kitchen car!

A boy who loves blue food and a soft cream soda

Next is a potato. Tasty and tasty

When I tell my daughter that I had a lot of fun, "I want to go!

After all, it seems that you can travel to Switzerland at the age of 5

My sister with good intercourse gives me shaved ice that I bought with a kitchen car

It is a very good place with such a Kang, so close one is recommended.

Mama Chari along the Arakawa River is also easy to run and is the best

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