Saturday , October 23 2021

Above the top model of the MacBook Pro, release it Gizmodo Japan


Same architecture as the iMac Pro.

At the October event he was mentioned casually, but finallyMacBook ProIn order to "Radeon Pro Vega option"The performance is higher than the Radeon Pro 555X / 560X which has been installed in the 15-inch MacBook Pro so far!

In addition to 30,000 yen

"Radeon Pro Vega 16 (with 4 GB HBM 2 memory)" and "Radeon Pro Vega 20 (with 4 GB HBM 2 memory, HBM 2 is a new technology for DRAM that increases bandwidth capacity per") is selected. Memory bandwidth27,500 yen, 38,500 yen (excluding tax)You can add with.

In fact, this Radeon Pro Vega, a super integrated PC class "iMac Pro" is also included in high-end graphics architecture. Now even on a professional site, with a MacBook ProEdit Movie and 3D renderingThere are many cases to do and it should be strong when rendering such a GPU required at a high level.

However, only for advanced models

Yet,The top model of the 15-inch MacBook Pro (over 300,000 by default) …It exists only in. As well as the 13 inch model, do not display on a 15 inch subbel. This is an option that only end users who really need their power can choose.

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