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Minecraft Announcement on “Wild Update”, a comprehensive update that expands swamps and undergrounds, to be delivered in 2022. Summary of other live Minecraft information – AUTOMATON


Mojang Studios, the developer of Minecraft, hosted the Minecraft Live 2021 Festival on October 17, and announced other information about the work. It has been announced that the second major update “Caves and Cliffs” will be released within 2021, and that a new “Wild Update” update will be released in 2022. It is also reported that “Minecraft” will appear on the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

As the highlight, a major update “Wild Update” was announced. Scheduled for delivery in 2022. This is an update that makes the natural environment of “Minecraft” more diverse. For example, the white forest is bright and peaceful, and seems to be a beautiful forest with flowers. The variation of the biomes will increase, and the vegetation in the world will change depending on the location.

The egg day also seems to be greatly improved with the “Wild Update”. Mangrove trees and mangrove swamps were also displayed. Mangrove is a strange plant that grows in water, and seeds that germinate on the tree grow to some extent and then fall off and multiply. The ecology is reflected in the game. Of course a block of mangrove wood was also added, and a set of house parts such as mangrove wooden doors and fences were prepared.

“Renewable Mud” will be available as well. A bottle of water appears to be used against the block of earth to form mud. You can also create a “renewable anchor” by sticking stalactites under the mud and draining the water. You can create lumps of mud and use them in buildings. The texture of the mud block is smaller and more compact than other blocks. In addition, “Boat with Chest” will appear as a new item. This is a boat with a chest. A chest is attached to the stern of the ship, which appears to assist in transporting items.

Frogs and fireflies appear as mobs that look good on mangrove swamps. You can see the fireflies flying in the swamps at night. Fireflies are also food for frogs, and it is also shown that frogs stretch their tongues and prey on them. The ecology of the frog is replicated in detail, and there is also a tadpole condition. Furthermore, as it grows from head to toe, it branches into three types depending on the biome temperature. Tropical frogs in the desert and jungle look white, temperate brown and cold green.

Deep Dark is added as a new day. The biome was supposed to be delivered in “Cave and Cliff,” but will be delivered in “Wild Update.” Deep Dark is a day located in the abyss of the world, where Deep Dark Cities, an ancient underground city, seems to be formed. It’s a pretty gloomy atmosphere.

Dark green blocks called School are everywhere on this day. First, introduced the Sculk Catalyst, one of the Sculk blocks. When mobs die around this block, it seems to produce more surfers. The number produced varies depending on the amount of XP.

The Skollock Schraiker was also cited as another example. It makes a sound in response to vibration, it makes a strange scream in response to the sound of the skull sensor, and envelops the environment in the dark. And if you respond to Scalk Shriker many times, Warden, a lot of people, will come. The manager has no vision, but is looking for sound and smell. It seems you can throw snowballs and move. The above is the rough information of “Wild Update”. Check out the Minecraft Live 2021 broadcast for more information.

Then, on the big update “Cave and Cliff” that has already been announced. The main update of “Minecraft” “Cave and Cliff” will be divided into two parts. For the first edition, which has already been distributed, Amethyst, Arad and Axolotel have been added. In the second chapter, the creation of the world will improve, and the space will be created with greater courage. Delivery time is within one to two months. It will most likely be delivered by the end of the year. A Java version and a rock version will be provided at the same time.

The second will be delivered as update 1.18. By relaxing the restrictions on the top and bottom of the world, the world is simply growing. Of course the height of the mountains will also rise, and huge caves will be found underground. And as the dynamic terrain expands, it will be adjusted to blend in with the previous terrain. It seems that a huge underground lake may form beneath the surface of the world I played with.

Simultaneously with the distribution of “Cave and Cliff”, a system called “Seed Seed” will be launched at the same time. Seed is a combination of letters that create a world. Different seeds have different worlds, and if you go into a specific seed, a specific world will be created for that seed. Needless to say, seed compatibility never existed between rock and Java versions. “Seed Seeds” will allow both versions to produce almost the same area with the same seed.

And the Java and Rock versions of Minecraft will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC in November. The Rock version was already on the Xbox Game Pass, but I could not play it from my PC. With the Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can activate any version of “Minecraft” from the same launcher.

Minecraft Dungeons has announced that this season’s adventures will be released in December. The adventure of the first season will be a season called Cloudy Climb. During the season you can earn adventure points by playing as usual or by completing the daily / weekly challenges. Say you can purchase items using the points you earn.

If you purchase an adventure card, you will receive premium benefits. The mechanism appears to be similar to the battle transition format. Adventure points can be transferred to the next season even after the end of the season. In other words, even in season 2, you can use the points you earned in season 1.

Seasonal benefits include pets, flares and emotions. Flare is a cosmetic item for adding effects to a game. Creates special effects and sound effects when defeating enemies or using potions. New pets include black goats, crows and toucans. Emote is a function in which a character dances. Other variations of capes and skins will be added. It seems that it is possible to purchase pets, flares, emotions, etc. with dots as cosmetic items.

Also, in parallel with the adventure of the season a tower will be added as a new means. It is also a place where you can effectively earn adventure points. This is a game mode where you climb the tower on the 30th floor one by one. It will be added near the camp. The higher the floor, the higher the difficulty level. You will start the game with a character who has nothing and equip him with items that can be purchased along the way. Say it’s a good game mode to test your skills. You may get adventure points depending on the floor you reach. The tower is updated once every two weeks.

Also, during Minecraft Live 2021, a Twitter vote will determine which mobs will be added in the future. The next crowd to be addedcalmhe. Lots of blue fairies who love music. When you give an item, it will look for the same item from the surrounding area and drop it off where the notebook is.
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We fixed more mobs

The second major update of Minecraft “Cave and Cliff” is due for delivery in 2021, and “Wild Update” is due for delivery in 2022.

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