Monday , October 3 2022

Shunsuke Michieda x Ren Meguro Heat Embraces with Annan!


  1. Shunsuke Michieda x Ren Meguro Heat Hugging with Annan! Rihito Itagaki, Ryuya Miyase, Kaito Sakurai and INI also appearNatalie movie
  2. Shunsuke Michieda and Ren Meguro’s “Heat Hug” Quick access to “anan” coverNEW ORICON
  3. Shonsuka Michida and Ren Maguro’s “Full of Clean” Cultural Festival gets a great response “My face is too good” <ערבוביי האהבה שלי!> | WEB TVWEB TV
  4. Naniwa Danshi Shunsuke Michieda and Snow Snow Ren Meguro, “Warm Hug” on the cover of “Annan”Music Natalie
  5. Shonsuke Michida x Ran Maguro’s “Heat Hug” appears on Doki “Annan”‘s hairDwango JP News
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