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Softbank, Operating Profit Increased by 62.4% to 1,420.7 Billion Results for the Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2019 – Watch Watch


Mr. Masiyoshi Ben, Chairman and President of SOFTBANK GROUP LTD

On November 5, the SOFTBANK Group held a meeting on the earnings results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2019 (1 April – 30 September 2018) in Tokyo. SOFTBANK is a holding company comprised of Softbank, a communications provider, and Yahoo provides Internet services, as well as the SOFTBANK VISION fund of investment funds financed by Saudi Arabia. , Is the core company of SOFTBANK GROUP.

"I want to express my deep appreciation that the murder of Mr. Kashkogi will not happen, I want the Saudi government to discover the truth," said Mr. Masayoshi Ben, who was speaking at the start of the briefing. in Turkey.

Softbank's operating income in the first half of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019 was ¥ 1,420.7 billion, an increase of 62.4% over the same period last year. In particular, the contribution of the Vision Fund was great, and the explanation was made that the amount increased considerably.

Also, in view of the remarks of the Secretary of the Cabinet and Chief Cabinet Secretary Shimizu Chairman, that the payment for mobile phones could be reduced by 40%, Mr. Sun wrote, "Regarding the business business communications business we want to reduce 40% of employees who use it" "By introducing AI and robot technology, we explained that with the transfer of workers involved in the telecommunications business to other growth businesses, a structure would be built that would generate profits even if we cut 40%.

The incident of Mr. Galshogi is "forbidden to do" and Mrs. Sun

Mr. Sonshi expresses Mr. Kashgui's case as "What should not be done"

Mr. Sun says, "I want to mention the matter of Kashogi's event at first, I understand that this is a very terrible event that should not be done.In addition to finishing the life of a person named Mr. Kashoghi, Journalism, Speech I raise a serious problem against freedom and I want to show remorse "We wanted to meet with senior Saudi officials directly and we have a goal to convey concern, I will clarify the details of the case and ask for a responsible explanation," said a journalist in the Saudi position in Turkey, expressing deep regret over the incident. So Saudi Arabia was involved in the case in which Mr. Galshoghi was killed.

This is the ratio of SOFTBANK's approach as it invests in the SOFTBANK VISION Fund, which the SOFTBANK GROUP operates, Saudi Arabia is an investor, international Saudi Arabia is strengthened, and things that have been received. The Softbank Group revealed its attitude to the case by expressing remorse.

However, he said that "we are saving money from Saudi people, diversifying the economy of Saudi Arabia, the funds that have such responsibility." The responsibility for the future of Saudi citizens, we should do it without going back, I hope that the truth of the incident will be investigated and explained "For now, the Vision Fund is now receiving investment from Saudi Arabia and remains unchanged and it has also clarified the policy. "I want to consider this carefully, so I made some comments with a little generalization Such as the degree of involvement in the event of the Saudi government's incident, with additional facts being clarified in the future.

"Softbank 2.0" has evolved as a strategic holding company and I want to expand it without excuses

Mr. Sun-da explains settlement in the accounts for the second quarter of fiscal year ended March 31, 2019

Then I explained the settlement of the regular account and said, "Traditional SOFTBANK was understood as a communications company.In SoftBank 2.0 it developed as a strategic holding company and understood the information revolution with many members.This is a group strategy to fulfill it," explaining that growth is accelerated through the term " "Which is often used by Mr. Sun, recently.

And the operating profit of the SOFTBANK Group in the first half of fiscal year ended March 2019, which grew by 62% to include 1.4 trillion yen, including Vision Fund. Mr. Sun said, "Business risk is too high compared to eight years, and it's said that vision funds are too big to invest in, and often say it's harder than that. It results, but I was able to do it as expected, "proudly showed that I was able to achieve achievements contrary to most expectations it was.

Mr. Sun says that "vision funds can be improved enough, I want to make this momentum throughout the year, the scale earnings that SOFTBANK has not experienced, far beyond the scale of the year next year, the experiences of this Japanese economy It is not possible to make an operating profit without it.It states that "Petit Hage" every time ten years and twenty years after it many times, but it was never expected I never fell, I am my pride, I want to extend it without an excuse, He said with confidence that he will continue to grow SOFTBANK GROUP.

Economic situation

In addition, sales rose by 6%, interest-bearing debts (liabilities that have to pay interest) also remain in the range of several times of sales as other companies say "soft punk" soon I remained in the field without problems, .

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