Monday , October 3 2022

"Zombies Are Not Afraid", "Left 4 Dead 2" and "Dead Air" co-op run quickly and run in 7 minutes 53 seconds! Game * Spark


Speed ​​runner said Borahac,On the left are 4 dead /"Dead Air" with a team member in 7 minutes 53 seconds released a video that passes.

The film contains a state of speed for a team composed of Mr. Borhac (Zoe, Video Perspective), Mr. JurasPartyk (Bill), Mr. Bill_play 3 (Francis), Mr. Lucky (Lewis). It is listed as the highest record of the "Dead Air" co-op version of, with a difference of 28 seconds in second place.

We have also shown a technique such as high jump through action throw. Even on a fence or even zombies, you can rush through the stage as easy as running free as a foothold.

There is also a scene where there is a scene where the 3 bill_play closes the lucky Mr. from the safe house and there is a laugh scene, and this video is enough to look amazing. Why do not you check it out?

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