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[종합]& # 39; Come see me & # 39; And Sue-ho, daily father … "I'm exploding" on Wandering, make-up makeup: Sports Shipbuilding


[스포츠조선닷컴 정안지 기자]"Come see me." Joseph turned himself into a father who sent his son into the army.

On the 6th JTBC "Come see me – JSM transmission machine" (hereinafter "I'll keep"), rappermicrodat revealed the first shooting process of the personal broadcast channel "

Microdat will learn "Honeytip Micro" which can enjoy regular dishes in a simple way and not a complicated recipe, and make it a recipe book.

As the first master to get the "My recipe (my recipe)", MiDotD visited Kim Dong-hyun, a mixed martial arts player.

Kim Dong-hyun said, "If I release my recipe, there will be a change in our food industry."

The subject of cooking was kimpap. "I drove for two hours and was angry when I heard that the subject for cooking was kimpap." However, Kim Dong-hyun explained, "It's kimpap, which is not a regular kimpap, but contains chili oil."

Kim Dong-hyun and Me-Dot began to cook seriously and showed their breath. Kim Dong Hyun pointed to the wrong spelling of the recipes and wrote a recipe for Dom and Domer.

At the same time, when I asked myself about Hong-Rav, I was appalled to say, "I brought him directly."

Sue-ho said, "I think about my life." "Hello." It's a taste that keeps returning.

Sao-ho visited the Nonsan Training Center and conducted a delegation of "Proxy Presence".

Sue-woo, who had suddenly gone to Nonsan early in the morning, asked, "Do not you think you're going to the army?" On this day, "Presence Presence Presence" was to perform the role of requesting a father to have his son sent alone to the army.

Josh turned first to his aunt's house. The main character of the day, Na Joon – Hee, is surprised at the Se – ho, and for a while, immediately turned to a car headed by Nonsan.

In particular, Seo-ho went straight to the rest area at the end of his son "I want to eat ramen". At the same time, at rest, São forgot the duty of "daily father" and laughed at the food. Joseph's food was also in the car that went to Nonsan.

Since then, Sue-ho has created an unforgettable memory of cutting off his son's head. I went to the training center after passing the last blessing with a good hand.

He said, "I met John Hi for the first time, but I was not comfortable sending it."

"Behind the transformation transformation," in which the actor and special guest Jong Du Yun to make up each other, also exposed.

Aung Du Yun decided to make red velvet-red makeup for Nudongya, and Nudani decided to make a CF makeup of a dietary fiber drink, which appeared in 1991, for Ang Du Yun.

Nodsyeon made the debut of the first time to remove the makeup and drop the people. Zhang Dion-yun, who cleared the make-up, said, "Jessica Power (a nickname for work and management on a personal broadcast channel) is doing for my channel but I do not know why I should do it."

The change of makeup began, and at the same time Knoxieon showed a makeup process that seemed to hit the face of an over-motivated and laughing Ang-Dion.

Ang Du Yun also showed an unexpected situation that made the studio turn into a fireball during makeup because of passion.

Soon the makeup of the two men was completed. São, watching Irene's makeup in the studio, could not help laughing at the leak. Yun Chen Xin also said, "It was not Irene but Wolverine."

Especially after seeing his face, the actor exploded and laughed, "What are you doing?"

Meanwhile, "Come See Me" is a realistic entertainment program "Self Obsession" that shows the process that professional broadcasters are challenging to produce a personal broadcast. The active players in the broadcast show the process of preparing their content.

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