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[DA:현장] "This is not a clear test" … Fan, Ye Ye Yeol → BoA full blown fan broadcast (synthesis)

& Music Art Without Judges. Fans will come to the Fandom "fan" survival where the future of the stage is set. There are four artists who watch the stage under the name of the main fan, but do not judge. The unique way "fans" heralds the emergence of new musical entertainment content.

At 14 pm Wednesday, a press conference of the new SBS Entertainment Music "Fans" took place at the SBS building in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. In this case, Sung-Hun Park PD, Kim Young-wok PD and Fan Master, Yu Hee-Li Lee Sangmin Boa Kim Ina attended the event and met the reporters.

"Fans" is a new concept in the art of music and judges the stars of the recruits and decides winners with "survival fans of the first stars identified by the first star." "K Pop Star" Park Sung-hoon PD and Fantastic Duo Kim Young and PD Walk are a planning and directing program organized by France Barney International.

Unlike previous audition programs, & # 39; fans & # 39; Are not judges, but the public judges the winners by evaluating participants. Musician Yoo Hee-yeol, Boa artist, producer Lee Sang-min, and artist Kim In-Ga are with the fan & Like & # 39; Parent Fan & # 39 ;.

Hugh Yul said, "I'm happy to welcome me with a music-related program, I'm with my colleagues in music, I want a lot of interest," he said. I chose it without hesitation because I believed it was a production team that could introduce musicians in a good way. I wanted to do it together. I shoot happily. As you can see, the taste of your admirer is obvious. Maybe the playlists are different. A program that reveals tastes. "

Yoo Hee-yeol, who participated in the judging panel from Pop Star Season 3, said, I was concerned about how to define this program. This is the music program that was created earlier, but the phenomenal survival seems most appropriate. "The fan master was an opportunity to honestly express honesty by leaving the functional aspect in. I myself thought that even if the field was shaky or not technically, I wanted to be a fan master and see the participants become stars."

Boa said, "I've been with the S Pop Star Team" SBS for a long time. This is a different kind of music program than a pop star. And I shoot very funny. "He said," I'm really good not to judge. It comes from the center of the fans, but does not judge. I do not have perfect time to sing. We broadcast full self-reliance, "he added.

Boa, who also appeared as a judge in the first season of Pop & "I chose this because it was not a clear audition program, it was good to be able to talk without a limit with a fullness of selfishness, it works like a positive mind, I hope the audience will be a fan of the actors and will be very encouraging to me," he said.

Sangmin said, "I work hard as a fan and it's heavy because I have to listen to music honestly.

At a press conference held last month, Park PD and Yak PD said, "I cast this because I am the fastest and fastest player in Korea, who suffered the ups and downs." "It's the biggest success and the fastest collapse, and then I lived my life out of music."

"The fan of the Master's fan is not in a position to judge, but to see if he is a singer who may be a good singer or who has the ability to get a fan … I'll happily shoot. It's a great program. "

Finally, Kim "lies by sitting in a larger position compared to broadcasting career," but "feels for the first time I feel a sense of tension and cheerfulness.I think you'll know how it feels." "As an expert, some of our most popular friends were technically flawless, , But not familiar or not filled with their old audition programs.It was a mysterious blind spot.I can see this part through the fan. It is a program to see people drawn to people, not to appreciate their skills. "

"It's fun to see the program because it's popular to create stars and experts in apprentices, so it's fun to see what the public will be starring in. It's not a cool and scary sense program, but it's fun because it's chewy," he said.

X-Supervis, Ion Do Hyun, Han Chae Yang, Ion Mi-rae, X Tiger JK, Seo Hurim and Jun Ho will be the first fans to recommend Star.

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