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The object that went through the solar system last October
Harvard University "The possibility of extraterrestrial flight … The transfer of a figure, the theory does not explain"

In October last year, a flight through the solar system was detected at a very fast speed on the Astronomical Telescope telescope lens in Hawaii. The name of this celestial body is derived from the word "ommoa", the native Hawaiian word for remote messengers. Omuamua is 400m long and has a dark red color.

/ Imagination of the Omuamua of the Southern Observatory of Europe

In academia, kumato and asteroids were divided over the identity of the celestial bodies. However, an astrophysical research team of Harvard-Smithsonian published a study on the possibility that this object could be a foreign plane. The movements of the celestial bodies are not explained in general physics.

The usual celestial bodies move faster as they approach the sun. This is because the sun's gravity acts to resist the direction in which it moves. However, closer to Omumua Sunday, the faster the speed. Scientists speculated that speed was accelerated by the fact that Umumuua was close to the sun and the thickened surface of ice and dust fell and weight was lighter. Harvard researchers saw this initial hypothesis as wrong. If objects on the surface of the celestial body were to fall apart, the speed of celestial bodies as well as the speed of movement of the celestial body should be increased.

The researchers finally concluded that it must be artificially created to allow such a flight. The researchers have heard of solar sail technology, which uses solar energy as fuel. The technique is to turn the thin metal film into a sailboat sail and activate the photon energy from the sun. Japan's IKAROS project and the American Star Shot Initiative are not in the works because the technology is being judged. This means that the higher organism crosses that imitated the same technology as the first was sending Omuamua.

There was a response. "Omuumua has moved to the same orbit as a comet," said Alan G. Jackson, a researcher at the Science Center of Toronto, Scarborough, CNN. "Omuamua has a more complex rotation and more vibration than the solar sale, was postponed.

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