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& # 39; Third & # 39; Minister & member of the gang Yun Gang · Isom … Yang Dong JUN ♥ Li Yun Jie. Marriage (Comprehensive)


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"The Third Magic" Sugang and Wen finally became friends.

In the 16th episode of the BBC's Third Magic & # 39; (Eun-kwon / Eun Chae Min-soo Park), which was broadcast on March 11, the audience of Isom Bun continued.

On this day, Li Yang-yh said to Yoni-yung, "I think I'll go crazy because suddenly I think about it, but I'm not running away, so do not worry. On June-Jung caught Li Yang-ji, but Lee did not hold his hand.

On the day of Jong-jung, the next day, he found Minsk and finally reported the parting. Minessa said, "I love my brother because I believe him, so I thought he would be fine, but I'm too tough, I can not do it anymore." "Do not be sorry for your brother or you'll feel guilty.

The choice of June-June hit all. His father was angry, and his mother said, "Do not be sorry you do not respect us because you do not respect it." "I'm sorry I have to suffer, but I'm too sorry about my family," June Yoni said.

At the end of the year, Jun-yeong and Lee Young-jae united in a village that volunteered five years ago. The two of them walked together in the Reed Field shared memories. Li Yang-ga said, "I've known you for 12 years, but I did not know you were in the cold," and John June said, "I never spent the winter together." Li Yang-jiang was sorry that "they did not know each other and that they did not agree," and Van Yang said, "I did not know all that."

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On the other hand, Baekju Ren (Ion Jiji) continued chemotherapy. I had a so-so (Yang Dong-genius) who became a lover at his side. Uh Li said, "The whole universe seems to have decided to meet us, I cut my head instead of my headless head and make a googl-like makeup, so now I see your real face. And Renn gradually returned to laughing, and the two married.

Jun-Young and Lee Young-jae became comfortable. In Jun-yeong, he decided to leave a senior chef in famous restaurants in New York. Li Yang-ga said in the story: "As time passes and passing seasons we become adults, but we are still embarrassed and still wrong, so we console, take care and embrace each other." In June Yun, he said, "The pain and suffering that has grown up will make us stronger," he said. "Maybe we're still going to be full."

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