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A different method of calculating regime change … The People’s Party ‘Center of the Party’ versus Ahn Chul-soo ‘Humanism’

Increasing competition for the unification of opposition rights for the mayor of Seoul

The power of the people “Ahan Chul-soo, come in and fight”

Would “Would you fight the Chulso Ahen, not the Wen regime?”

Changes in the composition of the judges of the regime in accordance with the result of the union

The power of the people “I can not change the regime with one person”

安 When the center is united, the topography of the opposition is catastrophic

Ahen Chul-soo, head of the National Assembly party, attends a press conference on the reunification of opposition parties held at the National Assembly in Yoido in the afternoon of the 19th of Seoul. Representative An said: “Let us commit to the public that we will open the platform of national power competition to the entire opposition, and no matter who is elected as the sole candidate, we will take the lead in selecting the only candidate elected.” Yonhap News.

The power struggle in the opposition is intensifying because of the Seoul mayoral by-election in April. The power of the people puts pressure on the people in the third region every day, seeing that a change of regime is possible only when the opposition party is united. On the other hand, Ahen Chul-soo, the head of the National Assembly party, argues that a person who should win without being restricted by the party must show up. In line with the opposition’s unification conclusion, the topography of the opposition may change completely after the Seoul mayoral election. There are also observations that the opposition will fight in favor of the ruling party after opposition rights are fought like the 2018 local elections.

The power of people “can not be one political judge”

The Ho-Young people force Joe and the Seoul mayoral candidates are taking commemorative photos at the 10th anniversary show of the loss of visibility, a promise for a ‘one-on-one soon’ Park Won held at Yoido in Seoul on the 20th. Left, Power of the People Park Sung-jong, Chairman of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Xin-Huan Ho, Candidate Jong-gu Li, Candidate Sung-min Yu, Candidate Chun-hee Park, Ho-Yong C Zhou, Governor Jeju Wen Hi-ryong, Gyeong-Zakha Na, Se-Hoon Ho, Yun-Zhu Cho, Candid.

A People’s Power official explained the 21st Opposition Rights Unification, “After winning the election with Ahen Chul-soo, the presidential election has no effect.” It was said that such concerns stemmed from the recent push of the people to postpone the union with the representative Ahen and first choose the party candidate.

The opposition party believes that it is impossible to change the government if it loses this election to the mayor of Seoul. This is because the election of the mayor of Seoul affects Seoul, which has 10 million inhabitants, Gyonggi-do, which has 13 million inhabitants, and Incheon, which has 3 million inhabitants.

If the opposition is united with a representative at its center, the by-elections in April will actually become ‘one player’. In this case the power of the people is further weakened, and inside there is an atmosphere that it is difficult to change the regime in the next presidential election. In fact, in the post-democratization direct elections, there was never a candidate for a third region, nor a huge bipartisan candidate. Former President Kim Young-sam united the candidates as a “three-worthy party” and former President Kim Dae-jong as a “DJP alliance”.

The official said, “Even if the National Assembly wins the Seoul mayoral election, it is a party with three seats and the presidential election is gone.” The “registration trial” is the nature of the Seoul mayoral election. Even if they win, the government cannot be changed without a big political party. It is difficult “he noted. This means that presidential elections can only be won when opposition leaders gather around the power of the people, the first opposition party.

The power leadership of the people and the presidential election runners also stressed that the first conservative union targeted at the party must be achieved. Hu-jong Zhu said, “I hope this will be an opportunity to re-establish the rule of power in next year’s presidential election.” Former Congressman Yu Sung-min also said: “Please, I must say that as a candidate for the Uri party, I must have self-esteem.” I think it is better than any of the candidates outside the party, “Governor Wen Hi-ryong said,” to the world. The Seoul mayoral re-election in April should not be defeated. “” This was a turning point for regime change in March next year. I have to go out. “

Chul-Su Ahen “Needs New Opposition Including Rational Reforms”

Ahen Chul-soo, a representative of the National Assembly party, who challenged the Seoul mayoral by-elections, visits Eaton, Yongsan-gu, Seoul at 20, and inspects the business district with local merchants. Reporter Quon Wok

The problem is that Anne wants to break the old structure of electing a president by being divided into two major political parties: progressive and conservative, left and right. Above all, the people do not see the power of the people as an alternative force. This was revealed in Representative Ahen’s lecture to members of the People’s Force at the National Future Forum in November. At the time, Ahen said to House Representative Zhu Ho-yong, “I’m sorry, but it’s hard to change the government (in the power of the people)”, “There is no trust and not much unease, so this is not an alternative,” “The pro-I and Peru confrontation “Park, there is no recognition as a reforming force.” And criticized. “The people will pay attention and listen again, and we need to create a base that can encompass not only the middle ground but also the progress that rational reform wants.”

On the 19th, they demanded that the Seoul mayoral contest platform be open to all opposition. This is a claim that is in line with the opposition innovation platform that the CEO says they are. It is to expand the opposition fence so that everyone can compete. Has not changed in the power of the people alone.

The presidential election varies according to the union result “It is not easy”

Kim Jong-in (right), chairman of the People’s Emergency Response Committee, and Hu-Jong Zhou Hospital representative look at a cell phone at the 9th meeting of the Anti-Corona 19 Special Countermeasures Committee held at the National Assembly this morning. -20.

It is expected that the unification of opposition powers will not be achieved immediately, as the issue of regime change is also complicated. The power of the people insists on what is called the Third Region “Peace Prism” and insists that the regime change, centered on the huge Conservative Party. On the other hand, President Ahn is trying to replace the regime by winning the Seoul mayoral election by raising his own competitiveness and renewing the entire opposition.

From the point of view of the power of the people, if the unity at its center is the representative, the aftermath of the storm cannot be avoided. At a conference at which the party door should be opened and a new leadership elected in April, outsiders may jump into competition for party power. In this process, there is a concern that the conservative support layer may be separated. If, on the other hand, he fails to unite his own center-right opposition, his political life will suffer dangerously. This is because the election of the mayor of Seoul, who returned after relinquishing the presidency, could not be resolved.

Some observers say the atmosphere in Seoul’s mayoral election may change in favor of the passport while fighting for the reunification of the opposition. This is because the opposition is not an alternative, but can be seen as a decline in the power struggle without abandoning the old situation. This means that the 2018 local elections can be restored, when the opposition failed to unite and gave up the elections after defaming each other. In the 2018 Seoul mayoral election, former Mayor Park Won-soon won 52.79% of the vote in the same period, and was nominated candidate Kal Kim-soo (23.34%) and Van Chul-soo (19.55%). A source from Seoul’s opposition mayoral candidate camp said “unification can only be known by passing just before the election,” saying: “People’s sentiment will eventually resolve.”
Reporter Kyu Gio or [email protected]

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