Saturday , October 1 2022

After the mountain snatched Jerry Kay, he revealed the words of "Feminist".


Fifteen years later, he became a feminist film critic.

Feminist & amp; Is a new song released by the mountain at 16. This male expresses his dissatisfaction with the problem of women while calling himself a feminist.

On the 19th morning, said the mountain, "beloved and old fans, I support and believe for 10 years, I am sorry for the time I lived as an admirer, I feel betrayed, I wrote a comment saying that it really is your brother, I wrote a long essay.

Sonny explained that the artist at home is not his, and that "gender hatred" is a social problem and that he wrote poems on this subject. "The original intention of the song is to criticize people who say they respect feminists, gender equality and women outside as songwriters, but they are painted and contradictory and mixed words in an attempt to do with women."

In the words "I can not do anything about women and men not being equal at the present time.", "There is a difference between the salaries of the OECD countries in Korea F ** Fake fact King", "Why do I have money when I go out," "I have Much to say, even a man is a victim of a patriarchal Confucian ideology "and so on.

"Why do not you know what feminism means," and why you do not deny the claims of women who do not offend you, but they say they are feminist submarines.

After the controversy, player Son Sun-hyun said, "According to statistics from 2014, the Republic of Korea is the country with the largest gap between men and women among the member countries of the OECD." It's a fact like actor Sun-soo Hyun, Eyal.

The invisible gaze remains in this clarification of the mountain. It was because of the announcement of "6.9cm" on the edge song for rapper Jerry Kay, who criticized his "feminist" music the day before.

The two men's war began on the 15th of the month, when Jerry Kay wrote in the intrama that "no one is right" in response to Sonny's attack on "the incident of the Iso station." Jerry Kay has released a song titled "No Yoanat", a "feminist" vocals.

"Do you think I'll be one or two behind you?", "36.7% of the wage gap, I always have half of what I am wants to". "A false fact has nothing to do with equality.

Sun-san released a song called "6.9cm," reminiscent of Jerry Kay in 18, "How can this song be accompanied by rejection?" The song begins with a clarification on the same page as the one on the 19th indagram, but after the middle part of the song, there was a serious charge against Jerry Kay. "I'm very good at these things, and I think of you as a feminist in a song, but in fact rap is a woman who does not respect her inner heart like the content of the words," "any male male sex offender," "Warhamard b. * h 6.9cm boy it's your d * ck ".

"I am aware that the world is the target of crime only because it is a woman," but "men do not want to live in a world that fears crimes that might happen." "I will accept the rest of the criticism with humility," he concluded.

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