Wednesday , January 19 2022

"Crisis call" emergency calls for the appearance of "Gyoungbyeong"


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& # 39; Joy ​​of conversation & # 39; Lee Gock & Mahjong / Photography Case = KBS

Professor Lee Cook Jong made an urgent call during the recording of "KBS Blue" while recording KBS2 "Joy of Conversation".

Lee & # 39; s Zhong, professor of the best trauma surgeon in Korea, will appear in the "Joy of Conversation" broadcast on 10.

On this day, a conversation was held with Professor Lee Kook-Jung in a unique place. This is a serious trauma center where Professor Lee Cook Jong works. Professor Lee, Kook-Jong, a medical team on a helicopter flight to the scene of the accident. The dialogue in a place where the life of the goats is complete is expected to express its vitality as reality itself.

The trailer drew attention with the appearance of "blue code" status during recording. Lee Kok-jong, a professor who is hurrying during a conversation, and cast members who see him with anxious eyes. In the real emergency, the team was waiting for Professor Lee Kok-jong, hoping nothing would happen to the patient. They say that the atmosphere of a scene of going back and forth between life and death made everyone known.

In addition, members of the cast walked along the helipad's helicopter, helicopter, and the pathway along with Professor Lee Kook-Jong. Professor Lee Kok-gong will be able to listen to Professor Li Kok-jung's true heart, thinking about patients even in the difficult environment, about the current location of the Korean medical system and the honesty of Professor Lee Cook's professor And his understanding with his colleagues.

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