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Epic Games "Fort Knight, e Sports"


Park Sung-chul, CEO of Epic Games Korea, "Let's join Korea in a global manner"

Park Sung-chul, representative of Epic Korea Games

Park Sung-chul, representative of Epic Korea Games

[아시아경제 조한울 기자] Second and third. This is the local computer room of the battlefield (hereinafter, Bug) and two weeks. The number of concurrent users worldwide is 8.3 million at Fort Knight and 86 million double homes. Epic Games is also the first overseas player to take on the role of G-Star's main sponsor, and has a willingness to raise the "Boom Week" in Korea over the battle.

"Korea has won first place in almost all games, but two weeks are some games that the Koreans have not taken seriously," said Sung-chung, president of Epic Games Korea, who met G-Star on Dec. 16. he said.

Park said that "as the main sponsor of the G-Star, Park's share of the PC room also increased slightly, and awareness also increased," Park said. Two weeks, ranked 40th place under G-Star, ranked 28th on 19th.

Korea is also the market to watch the epic gaming headquarters. The success of e-sports in Korea, which is the main sponsor of e-sports, leads to global achievements. Mr. Park said, "Our team president, Sweeney, is very fond of Korea," he says, "because local game developers are making the best use of Unreal Engine, the development game for Epic Games." "Two weeks ago she created a business model inspired by a pay-per-view model that local gamers design as their business model," he added.

In China, where Tencent is the largest shareholder in the Games channel, Park expects an attempt by Korean corporations, Park said. He said, "The taste of the game in Korea and China is similar, and China is not as popular as Korea, but" we look closely at the Chinese corporation to see what kind of marketing results will be produced in Korea. "

The Royal Battle game "Fort Knight" was released by Epic Games last year and now gaining worldwide popularity. Personal computers, consoles and smart phones were released in different versions, so users on different platforms meet in one game. The number of members exceeded 200 million. BTS, football players, etc., are also popular with the characters. The problem is that the battlefield is recognized in Korea.

Epic Games began to catch up with the aggressive marketing battle in Korea. Epic Games, which launched its PC room on the 8th, sent an ad to Hollywood actor Chris Pratt on the airwaves. In addition, epic Games won 100 billion prizes in the e-Sports World Championship, which encourages Korean users to participate in the competition. On the 15th of next month, there will be an electronic sports event in Korea where many famous celebrities participate. Park said, "We can not say exactly, but we're putting a huge budget on local marketing."

Epic Games, which announced Google to be offline, will continue to collaborate with Samsung Electronics. Epic Games wrote a strategy to install the game on Google's game platform & Launcher game. Instead of launching Mobile Mobile on Google Play. Park said, "I want to maintain a closer relationship with Samsung Electronics and make more cooperation."

Park said, "In the field of motor, we will expand the base of Unreal Engine to make Port Knight a game he will love in Korea." We will also try to make the & # 39; Port Knight & # 39; Culture beyond games. "

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