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Hanhwa, a foreign pitcher all changed … Warwick Westfold Chad Bell

Hanhwa Eagles replaced all two foreign foreigners for the 2019 season.

"We will not sign with Cavus Sampson and David Hale on the starter thrower in the left hand and the pitcher begins to steady with stable rounds," said Hanwha.

The new alien sweep of the Nave is on the right – Warwick Westford (Australia 28) and Ed Bell (left 29).

He signed a contract worth $ 1,000,000, including a $ 30,000 contract with Sappold and an annual salary of $ 700,000. Bell signed a $ 600,000 bonus, including a contract of $ 200,000 and $ 400,000.

Both players marched on the mound of the American League and the Big League Detroit Tigers this season. In minor leagues, he kept his rotation all the time in the same group.

The soupold is an orthophonic right-hand pitcher with a sturdy body of 188 cm, 101 kg, and a stable pitching mechanism.

In addition to the middle speed and speed with an average speed of 140 km / h along with the ball politeness, they also have some touching, changing, and curves.

Since debuting in the major leagues in Detroit in 2016, he made 82 appearances in three seasons by the end of the year and he won 8-4 with an average ERA of 4.98.

In minor leagues, he has played 155 games since 2012, and he started in 101 games.

He was 37-32 with an ERA of 3.76, 410 strikes, and a WHIP of 1.34.

Bell made his debut in the main league in Detroit in 2017, scoring 623. 3 innings and 6.93 ERA in 28 games.

In minor leagues, he has been throwing starts at 107 out of 216 games 2010-2010. His career record is 46-39 with an average 3.82 ERA.

The bell has an excellent physical condition of 190 cm tall and 90 kg body weight can change up to 150 km / h, change, slider and curve.

Westfold and Bell will join the team from Spring 2019 training to prepare for the next season.

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