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"Hey Keung Kim Kim Lee Lee Myung Kim's wife Hey Kyung … It's not a coincidence" | Society

Lee, the wife of Jie-Myung, Kim Hi-kyung, was questioned by the police on February 2 regarding the dispute over the owner of "Hey Kyung" Kim Twitter account. / Photos = Yonhap News

The owner of the "Hyeonggyeonggung Kim" (@ 08__hkkim) controversial "Twitter account came out with the result of the investigation of Kim Hye-kyung, wife of Lee A-meeong, governor of Gyeonggi district.

Prosecutors confirmed on Oct. 17 that she led Kim to the cyber investigation department in the southern provinces of Gyeonggi Province the day before to prosecute Kim for violating the public election law (false facts) and slander.

According to police investigation results conducted by the prosecution and the content of the case collected from the citizens accuse, Kim said that his Twitter nickname account (@ is suspected of spreading false facts like the former presidential candidate, John Sullivan, Who was the rival of the governor of this branch, was involved in the Free Korean government.

In December 2016, the son of President Wen Yun, Yoon-yong, was suspected of spreading the false facts that he had received in the process of phoning, and he damaged the honor of President Moon and the President. At that time, the governor of Songnam was one of the candidates for the Democratic presidency.

The police analyzes the 40,000 articles published on Twitter to find out the owner of the Kim Kyung Kim Kim Twitter account, and confirmed that many of those photos were posted on the Kim Cocoa Story just before and after the posts and photos on Twitter.

It is hard to see that Hi Gyeong Kim and Kim are coincidences in situations where they are not the same person.

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